Wednesday, 3 March 2021

SYNLOGOS - Notice of a new Christian blog aggregator

Sasha Melnik has gathered together a good selection of Christian Blogs in a new aggregator he calls Synlogos - 

This does what used to do - but better, because from a Christian perspective. 

Looks like Synlogos will prove to be a useful tool - at least until we are all closed down!


Sasha Melnik said...

Thanks Bruce. The 'formal' url is

Other than some you regularly link to (and who comment here) - I've added Roosh since he turned to the Lord. And QuintusCurtius, whose posts on ethics, Arab scholars and masculine virtue are truly excellent. There are also some others who are not really posting from an explicit Christian perspective, and I think they deserve to be given attention.

Bruce Charlton said...

@SM - You're welcome.

I've changed the listed url and links as you indicated.

islanti said...

Nice job Sasha. I actually have something very similar to this for private use, I never thought of publicizing it though. Great idea.

Sean G. said...

I'm surprised to see therightstuffdotbiz in a list of Christian blogs. They're not Christian and have ridiculed Christians. More importantly they're monomaniacs obsessed with race as if it's the only variable in the world worth considering.

That said, it's a great a aggregator. Thanks for sharing.

Sasha Melnik said...

Thanks @Sean G. and I expected this topic would come up )) I've 'surprised and challenged myself' by keeping TRS in since it was on the neorxn feed.

What is their value ? I think they shine a sharp light on current events and media, humorously if not always correctly. They have an occasional non-paywall podcast on religious topics, which I admit I haven't listened to yet.

Chent said...

Thank you, Sasha. Now I use synlogos every day. Only wanted to say thank you.