Friday, 6 August 2010

Blog posting suspended - probably until September - thanks!

Thanks very much indeed to all the people who have regularly read, and recently commented, on this blog while I have been posting daily.

I have found it very helpful, indeed essential, to continued thinking and writing to know that a reasonably cohesive group of people were reading and thinking about the stuff.

In many ways, the blog readership has proved to be better in this respect than when I publish stuff in the the scientific/ academic literature or mainstream media.

For example, in the mid-1990s I used to publish fairly often in the Times (of London) and from a writerly perspective it was like shouting into the void. (Although I was quite well paid for wasting my breath, so it wasn't _all _ loss!)

I will soon be having a holiday, and also trying to collect the blog entries into some kind of sequence to be published (online, free) as a kind-of-book (perhaps an on-going book which I might continue adding-to and editing, at least for a while).

My intention is to get back to daily blogging at the start of September; so I hope those who have liked it so far, will come back then.