Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A political reading list for Christian Reactionaries


Now I have your attention...

There is no such reading list - that is to say, there is no political reading list for Christian Reactionaries.

(And if you are looking for one, you should perhaps examine your motivations in doing so.)

A Christian Reactionary must be a Christian first, and political only secondly (or indeed not even secondly but some larger number) - and I don't think there are any books of politics which put things the correct way around.

Rather, the reading list is, or should be, the works of your most esteemed spiritual guides; but read for their politics and their political implications.

So my personal suggested reading list would include JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis (who wrote very little about politics, explicitly), Fr Seraphim Rose (who did write quite a lot about politics) - and from recent reading Fr Herbert Kelly.  - (PDF booklet summarising and quoting Fr Kelly on Theology).

In sum, these are simply my spiritual fathers, when being read for their political insights; and being read in the expectation that where my current political views and evaluations differ from theirs, it is likely that I am the one who is wrong - especially when their views and evaluation methods seem 'outdated'.

Your spiritual guides may well be different, but the method could be the same.

Plus, of course, the Bible should be read in the same manner; and written records of Church Tradition (e.g. lives of The Saints and Martyrs) may guide us in similar fashion.