Saturday, 30 June 2012

We should adopt the 'Mormon ideal' of early, fertile, monogamous, autonomous marriage


The Mormons (in the US and the UK) are the only group in the modern world which uses contraception (but not abortion) that has a sustainable pattern of fertility: above replacement level and with the largest families among the wealthiest and most educated.

This pattern of seems to be associated with the Mormon religion itself, which has the husband and wife as the 'unit' of highest salvation and a range of explicit and also implicit ideals which add up to approximately the following:

Sex occurs only within marriage, marriage should be in the early twenties, and couples should (as a general rule) aim to have as many children as they can raise decently without requiring support from outside the family.

Society must have an ideal, around which there will of course be individual variation (and from which there will, of course, be lapses).

The Mormon ideal seems just about right to me.