Thursday, 2 August 2012

Why the mega-hype for the Olympics?


There has never been anything in the history of Britain which has been so hyped as the current Olympics - but why such mega-levels of hype?

The short answer is that this is a Leftist Olympics through and through - but why has the Left embraced the Olympics?

(Especially considering that when I was a Leftist we used to be loudly disdainful of the Olympics as nationalistic and competitive).


There are two levels of answer - the corrupt and the idealistic.

The corrupt reason is that the Olympics provides a rationale for extracting coercively-extracting some thousands of pounds of resources from each productive unit; and diverting it to by votes from chosen clients and support cronies causes.

The idealistic reason is that the Olympics provides an effortless and defensible opportunity to 'celebrate diversity' since the Olympics really is diverse in the kinds of ways that Leftists so much love - so the usual depiction of favoured 'minorities' for once actually reflects reality.

For once, the mass media do not need to select, cover-up, distort and lie.

Which, for Leftists, must make a very refreshing change.