Monday, 17 December 2012

The triad of Incompetence, Ignorance, and Not Even Trying


There is a Triad of deficits that are killing the West - Incompetence, Ignorance, and Not Even Trying - each of which would individually be enough to lead to incremental decline and extinction, but together they are synergistic, hence will be rapidly lethal (how rapidly will depend on the strength of competition).


1. Incompetence is caused by decline in intelligence, which seems to go back about 200 years and is related to factors such as the 'dysgenic' pattern of fertility by which the most intelligence groups have the fewest children; plus the fact that under modernity almost all children born will survive to reproduce, hence there is a relaxation of selection and accumulation of deleterious hereditary factors.

The effect I have termed the 'over-promoted society' - we have inherited a very complex societal system taht requires a higher intelligence than we now possess, wit the result that almost everybody is incompetent in the fullness of their their social function (even if they can, just about, do their 'job' - so long as nothing goes wrong).

These changes in fertility are underpinned by the decline of traditional, orthodox Christianity - since devout monotheism is the only known antidote to fertility collapse under conditions of prosperity. 


2. Ignorance.

On top of people being insufficiently intelligent fully to perform their social function, there is the problem that people are ignorant - that is , they lack the knowledge and experience to perform their social function (even if they were intelligent enough to do it).

This is due to the massive expansion of 'management' which is a product of bureaucracy, which is a product of Leftism, which is a product of atheism and Christian (also Jewish) apostasy.

So that modern Western societies are now controlled in all their major social function by ignorant managers working in branches of one single, vast and interlinked Leftist bureaucracy. As individuals, these people are uneducated, inexperienced and structurally incapable of understanding that which they are tasked to do.


3. Not even trying

Related to the massive Christian (and Jewish) apostasy among the ruling elites, there has been a collapse of belief in the reality of transcendental values: truth, beauty and virtue (in unity).

Consequently, careerism has almost universally replaced vocation. Over time, core, tasked social functions have become unclear, neglected then denied: so educators no longer even try to educate, scientists do not seek or speak truth, artists do not try to make beautiful things, moralists do not try to encourage virtue... and so on.

Indeed, since the mainstream stance is a nihilistic denial of the reality of reality - there has been a (demonic) inversion of the transcendental values: so that not only are people 'not even trying' to do what they ought to do; they are trying to do the opposite: scientists become advertisers of lies; artists subvert beauty and make ugly and disgusting things; church leaders engage in active propaganda for evil. 

And, lacking transcendental underpinning for their lives, the mass of people have become almost infinitely plastic in terms of what they will believe and how they will behave - wide-open to having their minds colonized by the Mass Media, which is intrinsically hostile to traditional orthodox religion and necessarily propagates the secular Leftist mindset.


It can be seen that Incompetence, Ignorance and Not Even Trying are all, in different ways, rooted in the cumulative and several centuries long Christians Apostasy: first the weakening of traditional, orthodox Christianity; then abandoning it; then subverting, inverting and relentlessly trying to seek-out-and-destroy it.


Thus, the ultimate cause of the Triad of Incompetence, Ignorance and Not Even Trying is Christian apostasy.

And Incompetence, Ignorance and Not Even Trying cannot be cured (or adapted to) without Christian renewal - effective response is necessarily on the other side of a Great Awakening.


But any effective cure for the disasters of Incompetence, Ignorance and Not Even Trying will be long-term; and men of goodwill must therefore necessarily be patient, very patient indeed - on a generational timescale.


For - although living in a time when the visible collapse of the edifice of Western civilization is only beginning, the causes of collapse are long-established and the foundations are extensively undermined.

We are engaged, therefore, neither in repair, nor in replacement; but in rebuilding: starting with new foundations.


NOTE: Christian apostasy is only a partial explanation of incompetence due to dysgenic fertility and/or accumulation of deleterious heritable material. It has certainly made these kind of processes more rapid, and extreme; but the explanation should include aspects of why general intelligence evolved to be high in Europe throughout the Middle Ages high in the context of an established Christian society. Furthermore, the argument here neglects the special aspects of creative Genius. It was the abundance of Genius that made modernity, Genius is about more than high intelligence, and abundant Genius is probably an unstable blip in evolutionary history - not a sustainable state of affairs.


Daybreaker said...

White people (without which there is no "West") are being genocided by mass immigration, forced assimilation, the destruction of healthy family culture, and an anti-White elite that promotes all this.

How can genocide not be relevant to the breakdown of the societies of the race being genocided? When a wall is being demolished, how can that be irrelevant to the nasty deterioration of pictures painted on the wall?

How can the chronic mass importation of high-fertility and relatively incompetent and hostile aliens not be relevant to the decline of competence? It is not possible for White countries mass importing Somalis etc. not to suffer a loss of average competence. America will soon be a majority non-White country; this has severe implications not only for the average willingness of people to sacrifice for the common good (which will decline as relatedness declines) but for the level at which all public information has to be pitched. (And as you said, euphemism makes this worse - and a multi-racial, multi-cultural society has much need of euphemism.) Further, mass immigration typically turns over the great cities of a White nation to the immigrants, while "White flight" leaves the relatively competent and public-minded part of the population to relatively high levels of rural isolation and deprivation of opportunities to mix and implement ideas. When cities dominate innovation and practically all the cities in the dominant historically White state are or are becoming majority non-White, good results are not to be expected.

How can the hostility of the anti-White establishment not be central to the "not even trying" issue? When the elite ruling over a race makes it their business to destroy that race intellectually, religiously, morally, culturally and so on, all the way down to the genes, how can the spirit of "not even trying" fail to dominate wherever academia, the mass media and the government exert their influence?

Bruce Charlton said...

@D - As I read it, you are saying that anti-white genocide is the primary factor - and not Christian apostasy leading to the triad of I,I and NET, as I suggest.

But that does not work as an explanation, firstly because is not not an explanation of a cause, but simply a statement (it does not explain a-w g); and secondly because the phenomena under investigation long precede mass immigration (which has only recently been a factor in the UK).

The ruling elites of the West certainly are anti-native, anti-white, anti-men, anti-family - and they have indeed used mass immigration deliberately as an aggressive weapon in pursuit of these goals - but all these were preceded for several generations by Radical/ Leftist intellectuals (now the ruling elite) being anti-Christian.

Chris C. said...

"Incompetence, Ignorance and Apathy" rolls off the tongue a bit easier.

Thanks for all of your insightful work.

Sylvie D. Rousseau said...

A real Christian renewal can come only from the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The prospect would be brighter if the Eastern Orthodox and Anglicans would come back to Mother Church and set an example for the rest of the world -- including the legions of lukewarm and unknowingly apostate Catholics we have. Come back and help us evangelize our own troops. Converts are the best ones to shame our unruly sheep. There is no other way.