Friday, 14 November 2014

¿Four possible outcomes after death?


On the basis that Christ's work did two things: enabled resurrection and atoned for our sins:

1. We accept both resurrection and the atonement: happy, conscious, embodied life - Heaven.

2. We accept the atonement but not resurrection: happy, spirit life; impersonally absorbed into harmony with the divine - Nirvana.

3. We accept resurrection but not atonement: unhappy, conscious, embodied life,  - Hell.

4. We reject both resurrection and the atonement: a spiritual, witless, demented half-life - Sheol/ Hades.


Note: In case it confuses people - I here adopted the (¡excellent!) Spanish practice of placing an inverted question mark at the start of a question, as a way of informing the reader that what is to follow will be a question. I did this is in order to emphasise the tentative and conjectural nature of this post - as something for the reader to consider, rather than my own considered belief.