Thursday, 3 March 2016

From here, the only worthwhile reform is metaphysical

From where we are now, in The West, there is no point in hoping (or voting) for any significant change emanating from sensible people being sensible, or decent people behaving decently (even when, as is rare, such people exist in public life).

Sensible and decent people are of no use for this purpose - and neither are crazy, nasty people.

If, by chance, a sensible and decent person ended-up in a significant leadership position, they would not get us off the track to disaster - indeed they may well hasten it by disguising the metaphysical rottenness at the heart of things. Unless they both want to change and actually do change the fundamental, underlying metaphysical assumptions of the public world, then they will do no significant good towards saving The West from itself - because it is these assumptions which doom us.

There is no possibility of improvement by hints and nudges, by quips and satire, by rhetoric and spin; there is no possibility of imperceptible improvements creeping up unknown on the powers that be; the pendulum will neither stop nor will it swing in the other direction without everyone immediately being aware of a primal and cataclysmic metaphysical earthquake...

Everything will then change: what we focus upon, how it affects us, our interpretation, the implications we draw for action -- all we be overturned and remade.

This is a measure of what is necessary, and what indeed will happen, sooner or later - although not necessarily nor even probably in a Christian direction (unless we, en masse, choose that course).