Friday, 3 June 2016

Why are people so 'interested' in politics, instead of life?

It is striking that my blog posts with a political theme usually get more views and comments than those on other themes. And the internet is full of (mostly Leftist) political comment. In general, political discourse seems to be the realm in which 'serious' people most avidly interact.

I have always found this strange; and it seems to apply to many nations. I remember being told by a local that those weatherbeaten old men sitting outside Greek cafe's wit their worry beads were talking about politics; and that multigenerational French extended families having four hour meals together outdoors would be talking about politics... How very disappointing! It all seems a terrible example of misplaced attention and effort, of futility.

Why on earth do so many people expend so much energy on such an unfruitful and unenjoyable topic? Because it is very seldom I have come away from any political discussion in any kind of positive, meaning-enhanced frame of mind - the filed seems like an exercise in frustration, anger and despair.

It seems clear to me that a trick is being successfully played on many people - it would be better to discuss almost anything other than politics, yet that is what gets discussed.

Of course I am not saying that politics is trivial - I would regard the mainstream, dominant secular  Leftist politics (shared as an assumption by all major political groups including those non-religious groups who are labelled, advertise or suppose themselves to be 'Right') to be the main source of malaise, insanity, despair and practical evil in modern society. But political discussion does nothing to cure that problem.

Indeed, conversation in groups generally seems to achieve very little in a positive, curative, inspiring direction except under rather exceptional circumstances. When it is ot political, middle class conversation in Britain is typically merely mechanical variations on safe subjects; or - in order to be more lively - unrelentingly facetious. Why do we waste everybody's time this way?

All too often conversation merely blocks any possibility of thinking and contemplation in a similar fashion to the mass media; so that between the demands of work, the media, social chit-chat and general busyness - people are trapped, encaged... life for the majority is like a third-degree torture of perpetual harassment... and relief from this 24/7 torture with solitude, quiet, and unstructured time is perceived as boring, lonely, miserable - something to be escaped as soon as possible! Stockholm Syndrome is the norm - and the people side with those who have kidnapped their time and attention.

The prison, like most large and inclusive prisons, is self-built and locked from the inside. The key is in your back pocket.