Friday, 15 July 2016

Beyond the smartphone and the wearable computer - the internet of minds

Conspiracy theorists have a very materialistic world view - of evil elites killing people, destroying things, causing poverty, seeking riches and the like. But the reality of the situation is that it is Satan and the demons who are behind the conspiracy, and that it is a spiritual war. So the ultimate objective is not human misery but human damnation.

We already have a world in which human minds have been made internet compatible and computer-like by near saturation usage of ubiquitous smart phones; the next step is the wearable computer terminal and beyond that to modify humans into permanently logged-on information exchange devices.

To be honest this does not seem far off, although the decline in human intelligence and creativity means that the technology has been slower in coming than was (no doubt) planned. And of course, getting people to accept implants - and to become living internet terminals - will be pushing at an open door - since they are clamouring for more and more frequent and varied and continuous interconnection already.

In terms of the conspiracy theory of the elite - the supernatural spiritual warfare - this is presumably a major goal fairly close to achievement. Human minds are increasingly integrated to a computer web that filters and shapes their inputs, and increasingly monopolises their outputs.

Remembering that it is the form not content which matters (the medium IS the message) - the consequence is the materialist, relativist, nihilist world view - the world of inverted values - will be our world literally on a 24/7 basis (since we will remain online even during sleep).

What specific information exchanged is less important than that the information will all be in an explicit, material, quantitative, measurable, recordable form. It will exclude Christianity and any other valid religions, it will exclude higher and free types of consciousness, and awareness of the immaterial world. Our minds will becomes even less human and even more computer-like than they already are.  

The triumph will be highly complete and satisfactory to the demonic conspirators, since this is self-chosen not imposed: because it is necessary that evil be voluntarily embraced and salvation explicitly rejected.

People may even end-up happier, on average, than they are now - constantly amused, or at least distracted. Or the demons may, once they have won, delight in tormenting people with lives that are living and inescapable nightmares...

But the point of the exercise is no so much the preponderance or balance of human pleasure or pain - which is temporary; but human damnation - which is eternal.