Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Meditation - too much or too little!

People often recommend meditation-for-all - which is a blanket kind of recommendation that doesn't really take notice of the individual development and needs. But when they do - they tend either to talk in terms of 'five minutes a day' or some kind of vast programme extending over years.

In a sense, both of these are true and valid - especially in the sense that we require to withdraw form family, work, media and to engage in purpose thinking from our truest selves about the highest things, yet in an open-ended fashion (if we programme the use of this time, then there can be no creative discovery)...

But in another sense neither of these seems realistic. To say five minutes a day will suffice, is to trivialise the absolute necessity for a transformation in human consciousness, in each of us - starting as soon as possible...

Yet to talk in terms of a total programme of Life is to suggest that anything less than a one-hundred-percent commitment will be trivial; when the fact is that even a few seconds of high conscious awareness - noticed, recalled, reflected-upon - can be permanently life transformative.


  1. There is a section of the highway where I've had some amazing revelations. I think it's because of the amount of time up to that point that I've been driving--and being alone, in a self controlled environment for x amount of time.

  2. @Ben - That kind of insight is very helpful, isn't it?