Sunday 25 June 2017

Knowing what to-do/ not-to-do, during a prolonged peak experience

Yesterday I enjoyed a family walk through the early summer woods in the North Tyne Valley - and managed to maintain myself in a Peak Experience state for an unusually long period (about half an hour) during which I was able to consider some important matters. I made some notes shortly afterwards.

One thing that was crystal clear was that there is a way-out, a way to overcome the current situation [of evil triumphant in the world]. This for sure - and it was something simple which could really happen.  

I don't know what it is - but knew that [specific details] would/ will be clear in the relevant context [i.e. when needed] - so long as I (we) think in the real-true-divine way. 

It is also clear that this way was not by perceptible politics, or organisation, or rhetoric - but something operating at a higher level, invisible to senses. Asif, an act of thinking could put it to rights. A single act. 

When I get insights during a peak experience, I assume that these are in some sense true and certain; and PE-insights trump the kind of insights I might get when in a lower state of consciousness.

(Peak Experiences are glimpses of reality - and 'everyday consciousness is a liar' - as Colin Wilson used to say.)

So I am going to regard the above as a certainty - or, at least, that is my aim.

It is not very precise, at present; but it describes what I should do, and what I should not do - and that is enough.



John Fitzgerald said...

That's a terrific post - simple, profound and liberating. There's a constant focus in the West, I think, on taking action and doing things. It would be astonishing if the greatest, most important transformations could actually be affected by a handful of individuals - or maybe even just one - through simply being true to themselves - divesting themselves of illusion, tuning into what's good and real and true, looking and listening for where God is, and letting themselves be guided by Him. An astonishing claim, as I say, but one that has the ring of truth to me.

It reminds me of a passage in Stephen Lawhead's 'Taliesin' - 'We are the centre,' says the master Druid, Hafgan. 'This - ' he swung his staff in an arc before his face, 'this is the centre. The world does not know it yet, perhaps never will. But it is here. It is here that the future will be decided. Whatever happens in the age to come will owe to us for its beginnings. And we, Blaise, are history's midwives, Think if it.'
He wheeled suddenly towards Blaise, his face radiant with the power of his vision. 'Important you say? Yes! Many times more important than anyone now alive can guess, more important than even you or I imagine. Though we be forgotten, our silent shadows will stretch across all future ages.'
'You speak of shadows, Hafgan.'
'In the Age of Light, all that has gone before will seem as shadow.'

Bruce Charlton said...

Thanks, John!

Theramster said...