Wednesday 9 May 2018

Mainstream materialism is just for 'the little people' - the Global Establishment know, and worship, the reality of supernatural evil

A recent blog post by William M Briggs collects together just some of the evidence that has been coming into the open about the fact that the Global Establishment, near the apex of its hierarchy, is quite literally (although - as yet - deniably) a cult of supernatural evil, of demon worship and systematic desecration.

(Many other such reports can be found at Vox Day's blog; and have, indeed, been disseminated over the past three decades by David Icke. This is, of course, the dreaded 'conspiracy theory' material! - but all serious Christians must believe in the real conspiracy of supernatural evil, since it is repeatedly referenced in the New Testament.) 

Such monstrous activities as sex abduction and slavery, paedophilia, ritual torture, murder, and cannibalism; are utterly alien to many or most people - but they are apparently mainstream, protected and - probably - compulsory; among the Global Establishment (whether among national rulers, the UN, the international banks, or the BBC and Hollywood).

This ought not to be surprising to Christians who must acknowledge the reality and power of Satan and his minions in this world, and who can recognise the very obvious strategic evil intent of the Global Establishment in its manifestations among the international institutions of politics, government, economics, education, the mass media, the military etc.

Since the system is run by demons and is pursuing a demonic agenda; those humans near the apex must naturally be corrupted and inculcated (more or less explicitly, and presumably incrementally) with a religion of inversion in which the dark forces and motives are regarded as good; and truth, beauty and virtue are vilified, subverted, attacked and destroyed.

There is - from a Christian perspective - an irony about this; in that the 'hard-nosed' realists of bureaucracy, media and so-called science; are being played as useful-idiots by those who know that their this-worldly-utilitarianism and universalist-altruism are merely a disposable smoke screen for the implementation of their opposites. Any 'system' of individuals each pursuing selfish hedonism is intrinsically going to be self-contradicting. 

At present, the great majority of the educated middle class commissars who implement the secular Leftist agenda of evil (in its aspects such as sexual revolution, diversity, antiracism, feminism, egalitarianism etc.) hold fast to what they assume is scientific rationalism, and are utterly scornful of those less-educated and less-powerful ('idiots, crazies and lying manipulators') who 'cling' to belief in Jesus Christ and the reality of the spiritual.

But it is not just the middle management who are dupes - indeed the entire hierarchy of evil are all self-deceived fools striving for the impossible; right up to the very apex where Satan's burning resentment against God drives him to seek the destruction of all Good, ultimately all of his worshippers, and all of creation including his own (divinely-made) soul.

(Because, since evil is the negation of good, there can be no unmixed evil - there is good in everything by the fact of its existence; so the destruction of good - which is the aim of evil - aims at the futile impossibility of total annihilation...)

It is God's love which holds-together, makes sense of, and gives-direction-to reality which is his creation; and only by trust and faith in Jesus can we participate in the endlessly life of Heaven...

Any and all other options are sub-optimal - but we are free to choose them, and take the consequences.

Not all the consequences of rejecting Jesus are terrible, in terms of suffering - but active support and advocacy of supernatural evil brings its own entailed punishment; later if not sooner, everyone becomes a victim.

And some of these consequences are increasingly on display in the reported actions of the Global Elites. Things are coming to a point, evil being revealed, the time for decision is upon us; as I keep saying...


Unknown said...

There's a sense in which the Biblical Satan is a "quality assurance" agent. He tests Adam, Eve, Job, and especially Jesus through temptation: the first two fail the tests while the latter two pass. This Satan is not morally responsible for the Fall, as Adam and Eve chose to act incorrectly of their own free will much as Jesus chose to act correctly. The Biblical Satan thus does not cause flaws but rather reveals flaws that were already there. Because of this, I get the impression that the Biblical Satan is not a "fallen" angel at all but simply another Agent of God, whose purpose is to efficiently "bring light" to the flaws (or lack thereof) in the people he is testing. In principle this could make repentence much easier and thus "advance the plot."

It is quite natural that the human ego, which seeks to avoid change, would despise the Biblical Satan along with any other flaw-revealing agent. (I'm sure Job would have had some choice words to say about Satan as well.)

The "supernatural" evil that we infer is behind the corruption of the Establishment seems to be very different from the Biblical Satan. Rather than exposing spiritual flaws so that they can be fixed, the Establishment evil seeks to conceal the flaws such that nobody notices them, thus greatly hindering everyone's spiritual progress. My suspicion is that given how powerful Free Will is, this Establishment badness can be largely explained by wicked humans using all of their spiritual energies to hide their deficiencies from themselves and others. The ultimate goal would be to deceive people into believing that Free Will does not exist - no Free Will means no responsibility, thus implying no flaws, blame, or need for repentence.

To the extent that the Establishment evil really is supernatural, I would suspect the involvement of the spirits of dead humans whose commitment to self-delusion was so strong that it transcended their mortal lives, rendering them (semi?)-permanently stuck.

The most important thing for us to remember is that we have fundamental choice: we have the Free Will to decide to have nothing to do with Badness, and embrace Goodness -- as well as considerable personal discretion as to how to implement Goodness.

-- Robert Brockman

Bruce Charlton said...

@RB - Good comment, you're right, there does seem to be this kind of difference!

Rudolf Steiner & Owen Barfield discuss a similar theme in relation to there being more than one demonic being - they term the earlier one Lucifer and the currently dominant one Ahriman. Perhaps it isn't crucial how many 'chief demons' there are, or their identity - but the change is method of strategic evil is very significant because it renders their activities much less visible, and much more deniable.

(The Mormon theology, which I believe, regards angels and men as of the same 'kind' - and not a separate creation. The demons are fallen pre-mortal spirits - forbidden incarnation; and probably most (good) angels are pre-mortal humans (you and I have probably served in this capacity, before incarnation - which may lead to memories interpreted as reincarnation); but some angels - including Mormoni who gave Joseph Smith the Golden Plates - are post mortal resurrected humans.)

Unknown said...

This is less of a reaction comment, but more of a confirmation comment.

I read the Briggs article, and then clicked over to the LA Weekly article about the performance art/fundraising dinner held at the MOCA. While the event itself was horrifying and undeniably evil; the most disheartening aspect of the whole thing, the part that really makes me truly feel that I'm living in the decline, were the protests. "Artists" and "Dancers" protested the unjust rate of pay they were receiving to perform their duties. There was also controversy because the only nudes at the show were sexist!

No outrage over the content, no rejection of the premise. Only a clamoring to participate in the decadence paired with a smug pseudo-spiritual commentary on how 'delightful' the entire ordeal was.....and this was already 7 years ago.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Dan - yes we a long way down this path. I can recall TV programmes from 25-30 years ago positively advocating the likes of sadomasochism, extreme piercing and tatooing - which went on to become mainstream.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Ultimately, all humans, consciously or not, believe themselves to be categorically above nature.

You can have a rationally consistent belief about the supernatural aspect of human existence, or you can have an irrational and inconsistent assumption of your own merely individual supernatural status relative to the rest of the universe. And there are any number of concepts that fall somewhere in between.

But to be human at all is to assume oneself superior to nature.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - I think you are probably right.

William Wildblood said...

I think one should be careful of the Satan as Saturn theory (Saturn being the planet that tests) that sees him almost as Jesus' dark twin. This is not the impression given in the Bible, for example at the beginning when the serpent is cursed by God and then in St John when Jesus calls the devil a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies. One should be careful because sympathising with Satan is what he wants, and also because this puts cosmic evil as ultimately God's responsibility and not just down to the abuse of free will.

Adam and Eve were obviously morally responsible for their own fall but so was Satan as the instigator of this. The fact that God can bring good out of evil does not justify evil.

And Bruce, I think the Mormon idea of angels as pre or post mortal humans is mistaken. Some may be but most are not. The traditional idea of them as a separate creation, one that never incarnates, is nearer the mark in my opinion. C.S. Lewis' description of them in A Voyage to Venus conjures up their nature very well I think.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Well, Mormon theology has it that God, Angels and Men are all of the same kind, at (very) different degrees of 'exaltation'.

Ultimately... God hopes for Men (or, at least, some Men) to attain parity (although not equality) with himself - by analogy that a son attains parity with his father (i.e. the son becomes a father), but the father-son relationship remains.

(And the above passage needs further qualification that God and Man are both dyadic, with men and women separate but inextricably 'celestially married'.)

I am not arguing this or trying to persuade - but simply saying what I believe I have by personal revelation.