Sunday 28 July 2019

What is freedom, and why is it A Good Thing (despite that only some people want it)

Freedom exists only in the realm of thinking; and only in the realm of universal eternal thinking - and freedom is Final Participation.

That is, freedom is consciousness of the thinking of the real self. It is the affirmation and assent and choice of the thinking that comes 'from' the real self.

Yet why is this free? It sounds like it is just a conscious acceptance of a situation that goes on unconsciously. After all, every-thing is alive and conscious to some degree - and every-thing passively participates in ongoing divine creation; simply by being...

Thus, reality is made of beings (alive, and to some degree conscious) but nearly all of these beings participate in creation without their own awareness of the fact. A young child, simply by being, is woven-into divine create-ing by virtue of that being's uniqueness.

Yet that young child is not free - or hardly so, because he is not conscious.

Freedom comes in when a being becomes conscious of his own thinking, that that thinking is a part of creation - and that the thinking is woven-into the on-going creation in a way that is permanent and universally accessible in the realm of primary thinking

It is by that consciousness that we become free, hence divine; and we become divine because we then knowingly participate in God's work of creation.

It is, in other words, the 'feedback loop' that makes us free - being conscious of our own primary thinking, to positively want for that primary thinking to weave into creation; and conscious also that our primary thinking has from that point onward changed the nature of created reality, which then comes back to us in our own primary thinking.

By freedom we become 'insiders' to God's divine work of creation, to some extent partners in it - and irrevocably. And, when this happens, we know (consciously) that it has happened or is happening.

Now, not everybody wants this and presumably most things (such as minerals) cannot have it. Most of creation is passive because unconscious. This is lower in the scale of divinity, but everything that is part of loving creation is that. It all makes a difference, it is all necessary to the whole.

And because consciousness has degrees, every-thing can know that to some extent that it is a part of creation, and can rejoice in that fact. Pleasure and happiness are not closely associated with freedom; indeed freedom probably diminishes happiness for some or most (just as many people are happier as children than as adolescents or grown-ups).

So among the unique beings of reality, there are all manner of stages and phases and choices - and only some can and want to become divine in the same quality as God the prime creator. But that at least some beings (such as you and me) should wish this, and achieve this, is the hope of God; and indeed the prime purpose of creation.

Our freedom is good because it is what God hopes from us and why God made this creation; but freedom is only good - indeed it is only possible - if freedom is also what we want.

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