Friday 14 February 2020

Greta the Human Shield

One brutal tactic the Mongols used during a siege was the kharash. When they were ready to launch an attack on a broken section of walls, the Mongols would gather local people or captured soldiers. They were pushed forward at sword point to form a human shield for the Mongols to follow behind. Any arrows shot by the city under attack would kill their own people and leave the Mongols unharmed. 

From Mongols by Rupert Matthews

The Global Establishment are doing much the same thing, while launching a totalitarian takeover on The West. But instead they have pushed forward a mentally-disturbed child to serve as their human shield.


Francis Berger said...

I fell into hot water over this a month ago on my blog where I clumsily said I pitied Greta in a comment, which led to a good discussion and some useful reflection about pity, empathy, and all the rest of it.

Nevertheless, in some regard, I still do pity the disturbed little creature - she probably doesn't understand the Establishment is using her as a human shield. In her deluded mind, she's the one leading the army!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - My reserves of pity are almost certainly shallower than yours: I don't have any left-over to spare for world celebrities, no matter how exploited.

dearieme said...

She's just Minnie the Minx.

Or she's just the monkey and the person to despise is the organ-grinder.

Bruce Charlton said...

@d - One is forced to acknowledged the (diabolical) cleverness of using a disturbed child as mouthpiece for the Global Establishment agenda. To engage is to be put into an impossible lose/lose position; to refuse to engage is regarded as elitist, arrogant and condescending.

dearieme said...

"elitist, arrogant and condescending": now I know where you stand on the Oxford comma.