Sunday 7 November 2021

Beyond Antichrist to the Reciprocal Antichrist

The Antichrist phenomenon (and I regard it as essentially a phenomenon rather than a person) is discourse that is mostly-Christian but where the core assumptions behind the discourse are anti-Christian - so that no matter how many Christian words or concepts, or how much Christian symbolism and ritual, are deployed - the end result is in service of Satan.

'The' Antichrist (as a person) is envisaged as pretending to be a representative and champion of Christ (or perhaps even pretending to be Christ himself) - while covertly working against the salvation of men. 

It seems to me that we are beyond the Antichrist stage in our culture; since anyone now pretending to represent Christ would have no social or political appeal or traction; is indeed himself regarded as 'evil'. Because, by now, our core value system has been very thoroughly inverted - with genuine truth, beauty and virtue officially, legally and in mass media regarded as their opposites - and vice versa.    

The era of Antichrist was therefore some time ago, back in the twentieth century, in the first post-Christian generations who still valued Christian values. 

Since then, most people value one or several Leftist values as their core and bottom line beliefs - values such as socialism, feminism, sexual revolution/ 'liberation', environmentalism (especially 'climate'), antiracism, and (especially since 2020)  health.  

The phenomenon I am calling Reciprocal Antichrist can be seen in relation to health - by which I mean specifically that abstraction termed 'public health' which is distanced from your health and my health; but is referenced to statistical summaries and analyses of 'health'-measures; and top-down assertions regarding 'well-being'.

The Antichrist aspect was that - for many people - health - specifically public health - became the primary value. This was most strongly represented by the World Health Organization, which is part of the United Nations - which is, since before its inception, intended by the globalist ultra-wealthy and powerful to become the World Government. 

Therefore, healthism is, in practice, 'public health'-ism. 

Thus the original Antichrist of 'health' was the officially-sanctioned statistical representation of officially defined health measures - for various sized groups of people, but ultimately The World. The ultimate goal of this Antichrist phenomenon was thus the greatest health of The World (and officially defined). 

So 'healthism' was an Antichrist phenomenon - but with the birdemic, we see this becoming the reciprocal of its former self. There has been an Antichrist of the Antichrist of healthism. 

Thus, in the name of Global Public Health, claiming itself to be "healthism", and using the 'words, symbols and rituals' of the primacy of health; we are getting an Anti-health movement. 

The first step was re-organizing global health services (indeed, the global economy and social living) to focus almost-exclusively on a single and minor attributed-cause of disease - and thereby (inevitably and severely) worsening overall health. 

Then, as a second phase; by introducing an unneccessary, ineffective and in fact net-harmful intervention (i.e. 'the peck' - actually not a 'the', but instead a variety of loosely-defined, occult and open-endedly-evolving injected agents, serially administered over the lifespan) - and with the explicit intention of compelling this peck upon the entire human species - repeatedly and permanently 

Yet, the peck is argued and implemented with a large range of 'healthist' terminology and rationalization - as if it was indeed an agent of better health. 

Therefore if we regard healthism as a first-time Antichrist phenomenon; then the birdemic has ushered-in a a second and Anti-Antichrist phenomenon - which inverts into a reciprocal the already-inverted pseudo-equations of healthism. 

With each Antichrist phenomenon there is a reduction and a distortion of the original - so that while health is indeed one of the 'Goods' of Christianity (as shown in the miraculous healings of Jesus, albeit a secondary Good being subordinated to the spiritual); health-ism replaced the personal understanding of health with a grossly-simplified and -distorted statistical summary of quantitative measurements of the health of many persons.

This means that when healthism is inverted by a further Antichrist move; we are Not returned to what we had before the first inversion; because what is being secondly-inverted was already a distorted sample; and because the second inversion involves yet further simplification of healthism (from measures of overall-health to a single disease) and distortion (by subordination of all other diseases to the birdemic). 

All the above helps explain why there is such deep contradiction at work in the world, and so many and expanding lies; and how no sense can be made of the world of public discourse. 

Because things are even worse than the above description - since there are parallel processes at work with socialism, feminism, antiracism, environmentalism etc. 

These were already Antichrist phenomena, and they are now being subjected to further Antichrist inversions by further abstraction, reductionism and distortion: such that Reciprocal Antichrist socialism now destroys the actual working class; Reciprocal Antichrist feminism destroys actual women; Reciprocal Antichrist antiracism destroys actual individuals of the races it purports to privilege; Reciprocal Antichrist environmentalism destroys the actual environment etc...

All while justifying their own activities with statistical summaries and analyses of officially-defined-as-valid indirect and proxy measures of groups - local, national and ultimately global. 

It all sounds terribly complex and confusing - yet it is all really very simple when looked at from the spiritual war between Good and evil. 

It is a matter of discerning which side is which, and taking the side of God, Good and divine creation. 

And this anyone can do: if he really wants to do it... 

It is that 'wanting' that is lacking.


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

This is an excellent point — but it needs are more straightforward name than “reciprocal Antichrist”!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - Thanks. I am not expecting the concept to become a meme!

The name was chosen to include the mechanism of value-*inversion* - like turning something upside down; but an obvious 'popular' version would be (some spelling of) Anti-Antichrist.

But you are good at naming (for new readers: WmJas devised/ derived the terms 'birdemic' and 'peck') so have you a better suggestion?

Ann K. said...

The “more straightforward name” is ecumenism.

Lucinda said...

Re: terminology.

Several years ago I realized that feminism is what is being referred to in scripture by the word whoredom, i.e. women acting like bad men about sexuality, for power,etc. Of course whenever I bring that up I become public enemy number one, so mostly I don't. By what you are saying here, the modern situation could be called "trans-whore-dom".

Scripturally, maybe you could go with "desolation of abominations". But maybe that has too positive a ring to it.

Todd said...

Fascinating idea.
How much longer can a civilization continue to exist when even it's degraded, inverted ideas become inverted and degraded even more?
Not too much longer, I would guess.

One notices this problem in almost every field. Nobody can build good buildings any longer. Systems don't run properly. Machinery, even simple house-hold appliances, are of poor quality. It's as though reality itself is degrading. Well, it is. The fabric of reality.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Todd - Yes, it is just a question of time before things start to crash; and then, I expect, there will be an acceleration.

Mixed feelings about it. Our civilization - as it is now - I regard as the most evil in history in terms of the motivations of men and is getting worse very rapidly (because most people regard the greatest evils as good); so it really *needs* to end, and perhaps the sooner the better (although only God could know that).

But is still difficult to anticipate my living through the end-ing (and my loved ones) and there is much good still around, left-over from the past (mostly).

TonguelessYoungMan said...

"The era of Antichrist was therefore some time ago, back in the twentieth century"

If so, could that mean that Steiner was not wrong that the Antichrist came (around) the time he said it did? In the early 1930's?

I have never read his prophecy in his words, indeed I have only read a bit of Steiner in passing, I only know about this prophecy because you once mentioned it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TYM - You've got that a bit mixed-up. For what it's worth (not much - I think) Steiner (who died in 1925) prophesied that there would be a second coming of Christ (in the 'etheric realm' - i.e. Not incarnated) in c1933; and that the Antichrist demon Ahriman would be incarnated (in human form) c2000.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

Apologies, I got a bit excited, thinking I was on to something. I should have looked it up first.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TYM - An understandable mistake - and 'looking up' something in Steiner's work is easier said than done!