Sunday 5 June 2022

The Shipping Forecast and Morgan Freeman's nemesis

Today we were eating a packed lunch in Northumberland while listening to Test Match Special on BBC Radio Four Medium Wave - as England closed-in on a famous victory over New Zealand, chasing the unlikely total of 270-plus in the last innings - when, as usual, it was interrupted at 12 midday by that ancient British institution: The Shipping Forecast

This was read by a continuity announcer called Neil Nunes who has an even-deeper bass, more velvety-textured, voice than Morgan Freeman; which I thought readers might enjoy sampling:

Luckily, we got back to the cricketing action just in time to hear Joe Root hit the winning runs...

Note: Nunes is a pretty well-known voice on UK radio - but I had not heard him reading TSF before; and his rumbling, rolling pronunciation of (visibility) Goood was quite astonishing. 

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