Monday 1 May 2023

PSYOPS damage thinking, so as to occlude the fact that thinking is damaged

An incredibly eerie thought came to me just now after reading over a typed page in which I describe the Black Iron Prison occluding us in such a way that we can't (even) tell we are occluded. 

Philip K Dick, Exegesis - Sept-Oct 1978: Folder 19


As I have often said; there is never just one thing wrong when there are chronic and adverse trends, but always also a second thing - which overcomes corrective feedback and makes possible the sustaining of the first fault. 

This is the case with those pervasive, unremitting and accelerating PSYOPS practiced upon Western populations (and - even more so - on the managerial/ intellectual classes of these populations) by officialdom, corporations and the mass media. I means the multiple false and arbitrary claims, and gross self-contradictory incoherences; which, nonetheless, 'must' be believed and supported as objective facts. 

What is at work here is a two-fold strategy of occluding, blocking, human thinking. The actual processes of thinking are being damaged, and also this damage prevents people from recognizing that their thinking is being-damaged. 

We find that Modern Man cannot, apparently, apply universal common sense to social situations; fails to recognize and learn-from repeated personal experiences; is unable/ unwilling to infer evil intention from many-fold evil actions; and gets 'blocked' by panic and incomprehension when confronted by even a two-step logical chain ("because of A and B, then C") . 

This is what happens - here-and-now; but why is it possible for the masses to be thus manipulated? And why did it not happen in the past and in all other societies?

Again the answer is twofold (at least twofold): One factor is the presence of the Mass Media and its innate addictive nature and addictive properties. 

The second, which permits this and prevents feedback - is the mass 'apostasy' of Western Man: that vast tidal trend of the abandonment of Christianity, the soul, life-after-death, the world of spirit etc; and adoption of the ideology of materialism/ positivism/ scientism/ leftism with its pseudo-morality of hedonic utilitarianism

Thus, on the one hand, we have unprecedented powers of mind-control; while on the other we have the unprecedented vulnerability of self-maimed minds that deny their own purpose, meaning and significance.  

In the end; we have a world of Men who have rendered themselves helplessly confused and blocked from basic understanding; actively embracing further interventions that increase their own mental helplessness and occlusion; all to the point of destroying Mens' capacity to recognize their own situation. 

The System is the Black Iron Prison - so it will not help its encaged mass victims; and the B.I.P. extends to include the churches, academia, education, arts... and all other potential mainstream sources of spiritual guidance.  

The answer is clear, simple, and within the grasp of a child; but for exactly that reason it is unacceptable to Modern Man. 

The bad news is that each Man can only help himself because no external help is to be had; the good news is that any and every Man is capable of helping himself: of initiating a sequence of events leading to his own escape from the mental toils of the BIP.

It's all a matter of what he most wants. 

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