Monday 28 August 2023

Christian evangelism via Death

Goodness only knows how best to practice Christian evangelism in these time! 

It seems clear that the old (tried-and-tested) methods for winning converts no longer work, at least in The West, and may even do more harm than good. 

The biggest problem for genuine Christian evangelism is among self-identified church-affiliated Christians, whose behaviour and concerns make it obvious that their idea of being-a-Christian has far more to do with enlisting on the side of totalitarian globalist evil -  i.e. with actively supporting and focusing-on one or more of the core leftist agenda items; than the pursuit of anything transformatively spiritual or religious. 

So even what would have been regarded as "successful" evangelism would actually be harmful - if it leads the new convert to accept Christianity as defined by Western church-leaders; and to believe that obedience to his chosen-church constitutes his primary Christian duty. 

Yet, of course, church-Christians are (overwhelmingly) the people who most potential converts will most likely encounter; who the 'seeker' will regard as the real Christians; and who will be most likely to provide the up-front explanations of what Christianity is, and how Christians ought-to live

Well... nothing direct can be done to remedy this, since the mismatch in power and influence over the public arena is so vast, that a simple and true message about Jesus Christ cannot begin to compete in the domain of mass communication. 

As so often, it boils down to abandoning generic strategies, and making the best of individual encounters if, or when, they happen. 

(And maybe such encounters will be enabled to happen, despite the infinite distractions; whenever a seeker is sincere; since I would assume that divine intervention would be operating behind-the-scenes to ensure that every person who wants to know the nature of Christianity, will sooner-or-later be guided to find what he needs. After that, it is up to him.) 

But what then? What is the first thing that ought-to come to mind as worth mentioning about Jesus, in response to a query or an opening? (Not that this has happened to me for a long time 'in real life' for a while.)

I hope that I will remember to talk first about the positive choice of resurrection to dwell eternally in Heaven, as The goal of Christian life. I mean, deciding that that is what we personally want to happen to us after we die.

I hope I remember to make clear that the essence of Christianity is about death, about what happens after death; and that Christianity is therefore primarily "not of this world". 

Unless somebody actually wants resurrection for himself - and positively wants resurrection more than anything else that might happen after death; then it is probably not worth trying to take matters any further by discussing how this goal might be achieved.   

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