Saturday 30 September 2023

Did the birdemic succeed in destroying the churches? Pretty much...

At the start of the birdemic global coup in March 2020, I predicted that the Christian churches would (intentionally) be extremely hard hit by the lockdowns. The Church of England Bishops ensured maximum harm of their institution, by imposing what I think were the most extreme and irrational set of lockdown rules of any British institution

The above data suggests that this combined effort from the UK Government and Bishops was effective, to the tune of increasing the increment of already existing declining church attendance by an extra 25% approximately. 

When I became a Christian shortly before 2009, the Church of England had about a million a week attending church (from a population of around 60 million); and by 2022, without lockdown this would have been expected to have declined to about 810 thousand.

Whereas - thanks to lockdowns, masks, abolished sacraments etc - the actual decline was to 605 thousand. 

So, apparently, the anti-church birdemic measures successfully deleted a couple of hundred thousand church attenders - as if adding about a dozen extra years of decline...

Of course, the rate of decline of the CofE has been so fast anyway, that it is headed for extinction within a generation. 

And this numerical decline does not take into account the fact that most of church attenders in the CofE, as in all the other mainstream self-identified Christian churches, have explicitly taken the anti-Christian side (of global atheistic totalitarian leftism) when it comes to the decisive Litmus Test issues.

Causal trends are established; it is too late for reversal to be possible; and the organization is ruled and staffed (overwhelmingly) by generic politically-radical bureaucrats, whose actions betray very obvious hostility to religion. 

Indeed, we are seeing the unfolding 'karma' deriving from multiple wrong decisions made several decades ago - again, the same pattern and trends are seen across all the churches. 

My conclusion: The future of Christianity in the UK will either be located outside the churches, or else there will be no future. 

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The Anti-Gnostic said...

The future of Christianity in the UK will either be located outside the churches, or else there will be no future.

Agreed 100%, for everywhere.

I converted to an Orthodox Church on my perception of her as the last Christian redoubt. Then during the birdemic the Church decided that the State, not Jesus Christ, was the head of the Church.

Prior hierarchs arrested by the Roman pagans or the Soviet atheists named their successors as they were being dragged out the door, knowing they were going to be tortured to death. The Godly mandate for our bishops could not have been more clear: arrest us, and we will name our locum tenens while we're being put in the police cars; lock up the churches and we will worship in houses; throw us in prison and we will hold the Liturgies there; the atheist State can go to Hell, where it belongs.

Of course, none of this happened. The Church, having been put in the modern world's comparatively very mild crucible, has been weighed and found wanting.