Monday 16 October 2023

You can't stay out of trouble by being-careful

Back in 2011, I wrote a mini-book called Thought Prison, which was focused on the New Left/ Political Correctness or what we would now call 'woke' ideology -- which, I argued, encompassed the entire mainstream of political and social discourse - including the supposed secular/ not-religious 'right' such as conservatives, republicans, libertarians and nationalists. 

I pointed-out that (even then, a dozen-plus years ago) in such a society of perpetual and self-consuming revolution, there was no way that anyone could - by choice - keep his head down, keep quiet, and stay out of trouble. 

If They, for any reason at all - even momentary expedience - want to get You, or Your institution, corporation, organization/ club/ charity or any grouping - They will get you.  

Because They control the mass/social media, and because the Masses (still!) believe the media and are addicted to it; even if you haven't actually done something anti-woke, They can and will just make up lies that you did do it*.

Enough people with power and influence will believe Them+; and will think you deserve, and therefore support, whatever punishment They decide to inflict; or whatever mob They decide to unleash upon you inflict (with Establishment-protected impunity).   

If They want to get you, They will get you - and what you have done or haven't makes not the slightest difference. 

You cannot stop this. 

Any 'apology' will simply be taken as an admission of guilt; but They will also invent an apology from you (that you never made) if and when it suits the current agenda.   

And you can't do anything about this - except on your side

What can you do, then? 

For a start; you might as well cease to worry and don't bother to take defensive action. Be honest with yourself (and those you trust), always exercise your spiritual freedom to choose your beliefs in opposition to the evil ideology of the Establishment. 

You should not be afraid - either in anticipation, or if the worst happens. Fear is not just futile but a sin. 

If you are afraid, acknowledge it is a sin, and repent it. That will help in and of itself. 

Beyond that; the only antidote to fear is faith in God (the Christian God, who is The Creator, wholly loving, and personally concerned with You); so you should regard your own fear as a stimulus to greater faith.  

How much of this you choose to speak, broadcast, or argue; is a personal and secondary matter. The vital consideration is that you take full personal responsibility for your values and discernment of truth, beauty and virtue... 

Be explicit and fully-conscious of all this, in your own mind. 

By full responsibility, I mean your personal responsibility before God and in context of light of life eternal - which are what matter ultimately.  

Believing because of a primary obedience to what your church is currently teaching is a failure to take personal responsibility. As of 2023; those who refuse ultimate responsibility, and claim merely to be following the church's instructions, are just as complicit with the Establishment as those who believe the mass media's evil lies.  

*I have personally experienced this twice - in 2008 and 2010. For example, the biggest circulation UK newspaper, who had never spoke with me quoted - in quotation marks! - something I had not said and did not believe. They just invented it, for the story and or impersonal malice. I have personally known several others to whom this happened. Such spiteful lying has been normal, routine media behaviour for many years. 

+Indeed, almost everybody - except your closest family and friends, will believe anything published against you that is disseminated in the mass media; even if they have known you for years personally, worked alongside you perhaps; and even after you refute the falsehoods face-to-face. (Actually, people do often this even with respect to malicious gossip of unknown provenance.) 

This degree of stubborn mindless credulity I found to be a real eye-opener! - although 2020 et al has demonstrated the obedient-slave mass phenomenon to all with eyes to see.  

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