Tuesday, 29 November 2011

First blind the people...(advice from Screwtape).


First blind the people by teaching them to disregard their own experience, the evidence of their senses and observations; then tell them what they ought to know.

Tell them what they ought to know by the authority of specialists and professionals; then tell them that there is no reality, only sensation; and 'therefore' they should collude in their own manipulation by viewing life through the mass media - or rather, to be more accurate, their subjective 'life' becomes a thing wholly-constructed by the mass media.

Once people have ceased to be rooted in experience, your work is done; it matters little what specific brand of nonsense you feed them via the mass media. It is the un-realism of this content which is key.

Once the centrality of experience is abandoned, the scope for error, distortion and partiality is indeed infinite in all directions. There is just one way of being right, but no end of ways for being wrong.

Best of all, although there are a few temporary beneficiaries, everybody loses in the long term.