Monday, 28 November 2011

If I am a reactionary Christian, and Leftism is incompatible with Christianity, which Church?


This is difficult.

For Christian reactionaries, thanks to the triumph of the Left and the pervasive effects of political correctness, all powerful institutions have been subverted; so there is nowadays seldom the possibility of willing submission to a virtuous institution - a school, college, government department, shop, factories - almost all are perverted away from their proper functions.

And this applies to the institutional Churches.

(This is not merely the failure of institutions to do what they are supposed to do, the failure of schools to educate, of scientists to seek truth and so on; but that institutions are not even trying to do what they ought to do but are pursuing nihilistic Leftist goals such as group preferences, multiculturalism, eco-communism etc.).


I think everybody needs a denomination, if at all possible, not so much of the human institution but via the human to become part of the mystical body of the Church.

Yet we know that Leftism is fundamentally atheist, and fundamentally evil.

This was perhaps not so obvious in the past, but it is obvious now for those with eyes to see (lack of which eyes is one of the greatest triumphs of the Left).

The Left is openly, explicitly, actively trying to destroy the Good (that is seeking out and subverting and inverting truth beauty and virtue).

Leftism is therefore incompatible with Christianity.


Obviously, this has affected the Churches, so that they participate in the warped, and selective priorities and policies of Leftism: this is, indeed, the most obvious and advertized activity in the mainstream Churches.

Such that I think it possible most denominations probably overall do more harm than good to most souls (no matter how much is correct about them - if there be even one fatal flaw it can suffice to turn the whole tendency to evil).

(Recalling that the worst evil is that which most effectively mimics Good. The Nazis and Soviet Communists had many good qualities - yet...)


If Leftism and Christianity are impossible, yet we need to participate in the mystical Church - what then?

Joining any denomination requires discernment and caution, a reserve, a degree of holding-back - yet at the same time this is a direct incitement to spiritual pride. This dilemma is unavoidable, but we must nonetheless act.

So, what are the options?


My idea - currently - is that each person must decide what is the most important feature (or group of features) of the Church, necessary to sustain their own Christian life, and then focus upon that - because it is extremely unlikely that a perfect (or even mostly-perfect) answer will be available.

For instance, if frequent Holy Communion is most important, only a few Catholic denominations offer that possibility, and of these you will be fortunate if any Church is conveniently situated.

Or it may be the words, the liturgy, the music, or the purity of the teaching (sermons), or group meetings, or evangelism are the mainstay of your Christian life.


The situation is so bad for a reactionary Christian that if we can get one, or even two, core requirements to help sustain your Christian life, then we are fortunate indeed. 

We should try to be grateful for what is available - and grateful for the work of so many other people which makes anything possible - rather than resentful at the lack of an ideal Church in our vicinity.