Thursday, 19 January 2012

Left brain life...


Life in a modern bureaucracy proceeds by the maxim that if it does not leave an audit trail it is evil...

If it is not 'recorded' then it is not real, it didn't really happen.

Indeed if it did happen but was not recorded then it probably should not have happened - since it was a waste of time and likely sinister in content.

And if it does leave a record, then whatever that record says is reality.


So we are left with the Left hemisphere world - a vast, entropic pile of life-shards, heaped into a shape crudely-imitative of reality.


Yet the worst aspect of it all is that people seem superficially to be pleased at the process, excited, zealous!

Even, or especially women - who are more naturally Right brain creatures. Stunned at the (supposed) novelty of life as a panopticon of good intentions and niceness.

They really seem to believe, and certainly would not publicly doubt, that this time it will work.

While all the time their souls must be screaming in silent torment, their eyes seem to shine with ecstatic joy - in worship of the wondrous vistas just ahead.