Monday, 9 January 2012

What happens when corruption comes from leaders - even Church leaders?


It seems likely that our society has been, is being, led into corruption.

This is not to absolve those-who-are-led from responsibility - clearly they should not follow evil leaders.

And these evil leaders are almost everywhere - found in all large and powerful organizations. Not necessarily dominant, not always in a majority, but having a very significant effect.


This, of course, applies to the institutional church (to all the institutional churches - when they are large and powerful).

Again and again we perceive that the fish is rotting from the head down.

Again and again we perceive that the best people are almost-never at the top of institutions, but can rise no higher than the middle.


This does mean that teachings based on obedience require at least modification. If our primary ethic is obedience then we will be led into the abyss.

Is obedience a sufficient excuse for a Christian to follow church leaders wherever they may take you? Probably not.

At least, I do not detect that obedience should be the primary virtue - a virtue to which Love, Courage and all the other virtues ought to be sacrificed.


It is an apparent paradox of traditionalists living in an age of change that they assert the necessity of hierarchy yet are themselves insubordinate.

But (although insubordination may be due to pride or other sins) it is not necessarily a paradox - merely recognition that there are more important things than obedience, and that disobedience is sometimes necessary.


Indeed, surely disobedience is more-and-more necessary to Christian reactionaries all the time?

Surely obedience is, nowadays, more often an excuse, than a virtue?

To develop a habit of disobedience to the leadership but without becoming consumed by spiritual pride - that is where the habitual nature of the thing may be helpful - that seems to be something like the task before us.

To assume that the leadership is wrong about most things most of the time and should therefore habitually be disobeyed; but that sometimes they may be right about some things and sometimes we should go along with what they want...