Monday, 5 March 2012

"I'm not doing that."


Ideally, the proper attitude of a Christian Reactionary when confronted by any of the proliferating laws and regulations that attack the Good, would be the resolution "I'm not doing that".

This is the ultimate Christian 'politics'.


To spring into what people think is 'action' by raising awareness, creating petitions, funding pressure groups and lobbying political parties, by using the courts... well, this is organization, this is politics as usual - and the fact is we have lost that game and continue to lose it, and faith in that game is killing us.

If there was any powerful, active mobilizable constituency, then matters would not be as they are.

We cannot work together because there is not together to work with - not in political terms. 


For a devout Christian, the baseline response is to do or not do what you should or should not.

And that's it.

Consequences may or may not follow, may or may not be predictable, but that ought to be irrelevant.


We don't know how the world works.

We never can.


(If it is helpful, think of the Good being propagated in terms of Sheldrake's morphic fields acting across space and time, or Charles Williams co-inherence of all humans in the work of salvation - we save others by Love, they save us by Love, in a vast and intricate web. Humans are necessarily joined - we do not need politics or organization to affect one another. We just do affect one another: end of story.) 


A choice of Good by a single and apparently isolated person will have influence because nobody is alone and nothing is disregarded.