Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Leftist elites: no longer self-serving, now demonically insane


I think it is crucial to recognize that Leftist elites are no longer corruptly self-serving (yes in detail - but not overall); but with the advent and development of political correctness the Left became insane - an insanity of demonic energy and destructiveness (and, as such, consistent with the nihilism at the heart of the Left).

So the Left now sacrifice their own children's lives and well being to their crusades - they cover up injustices and crimes done against them.

Despite supposed 'pacifism' the Left tries to subvert, physically-attacks, lightly-wounds, and makes implacable enemies of nation after nation, culture after culture - until they are now ringed by foes.

The Left invites foes to dwell among them, and erects special legal protections for their foes, so that they cannot defend against these foes.

Yes - the Left is insane, destructively, nihilistically insane - in an advanced form of evil psychosis.