Thursday, 4 October 2012

Conversion and breeding


A religion can grow by gaining converts, and by breeding - large families and retaining the children.

All religions begin by converting, but many continue by breeding.

In a sense therefore, the natural and normal patterns is for a child to be born into and educated into a religion; and the Western Christian phenomenon of multiple individual adult (or teen) conversions is strange. 


Worldwide Christianity has become a converting but not breeding religion mostly due to voluntary reproductive suppression, but also the loss of children and young adults from the faith.

Western Christianity shows this especially sharply; and the effects of the ageing population in the West is even more marked in the aged congregations of many Christian churches.

Indeed, the situation has gone so far in some denominations and congregations that a new wave of conversions among teens and young adults seems to be the only possibility for survival, since the churchgoers are nearly all above reproductive age.


Yet to gain conversions among this teen and young adult age group - who are the most thoroughly corrupted by modernity - is an extremely difficult task, requiring organized effort as well as multiple attributes and skills.

Nonetheless, this is what needs to be done - and it is needed more urgently and comprehensively with every passing year.

My impression is that evangelicals are the only Christian group who are tackling this job with genuine purpose, and they have been succeeding for some decades. Yet the evangelical style does not suit everybody, and there is scope for much more work from other denominations.


If Christian churches were to put an end to their useless or harmful political activities (e.g. environmentalism, African aid, Leftist agitation) and redirect their effort into winning and retaining converts, this could be a tremendous gain.

Such decisions are, of course, the role of church leaders. And the fact that they do not focus their efforts on effective mission work, but instead do the opposite; and that they placidly watch the church aging and dying-off; is strong de facto evidence that significant numbers of Christian church leaders are actively hostile to their churches.

This is not merely idleness, careerism or indifference - but covert active sabotage.

And needs to be recognized as such, if it is to be stopped - before it really is too late.