Saturday, 6 October 2012

How might a Mere Christian subculture actually happen


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Commenter 'Imnobody' made the following point: I don't think there can be an unified Christian subculture now. We will have Catholic subcultures, Orthodox subcultures, Calvinist subcultures, etc. After the fallout of the modernity, subcultures will inherit the earth and it will be the time to think about unity. Now, it is time to think about the preservation of the Christian message, regardless the specific denominations. 

This seems to be correct in terms of the likely sequence of events.


There now seems zero possibility (outside Russia) of any chance of a centrally coordinated Christian resurgence; it is something that will happen, or not happen, at a small scale.

And due not to any kind of positive, formal or intellectual plan; but simply to sheer bloody-minded and absolute refusal to go along with secular Leftism.


Discrete, un-unified traditional Christian subcultures may survive mostly due to their intransigence, their resistance, their devoutness.

Then as secular Leftism self-annihilates, and these scattered subcultures remain, will come 'the time to think about unity'.


What might happen then would depend upon the choices of the survivors: there may perhaps be a time-limited chance of a real cross-denominational Mere Christian unity; or else a single catholic denomination might emerge (unlikely as this seems); or, unity may be rejected - in which case the denominations (each too small and weak for any to be viable on its own) will probably be picked-off, or decline to extinction, or survive with dhimmi status, or something...

Until the end times.