Thursday, 8 November 2012

What's in a face? - Christian leaders past and present


What's in a face? Quite a lot, as a rule.

Is this the face of a leader?

The new Archbishop of Canturbury

Or the previous Archbishop of C:

What possible hope can their be for a church whose leaders - at a time of desperate crisis LOOK LIKE THAT.


Twas not always thus. Christian leaders of the past varies in their physiognomy - but they were bull-necked tough guys, or obviously Holy, or shrewd and subtle, or intense types, or inclined to the Friar Tuck:

Dr (a medical doctor) Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Welsh evangelical pastor

Rev Ian Paisley ('nuff said)

Bishop Charles Gore (Anglo Catholic founder of the Community of the Resurrection)

Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey

Van Mildert - last of the Prince Bishops of Durham

If the Archbishop of Canterbury cannot be exceptionally saintlike (as would be right and proper, and holiness brings indomitable strength) - then at least we could hope that they would have some kind of 'who dares mess with me' quality about them. Nothing less would be required to turn around decades of decline, corruption and weakness.