Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Politically correct witch hunts: getting worse; reframing evil: getting worse


In this world without God, this world of Leftist pseudo-utilitarianism and the mass media treated as moral arbiters, things continue to get worse: oh yes they do, and don't be persuaded otherwise.

Yet another friend of mine - the evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller - has become a victim of a witch hunt driven by the Politically Correct thought police; but this time for a non-offence, an utterly insignificant quip on Twitter which has been amped-up into an international fake moral crisis, a saturation bombing of bogus and spiteful punditry, and an excuse for unrestrained hatred and victimization.

It is an issue of such triviality that I am not going to discuss it: I refuse to discuss it because to discuss such triviality is to be drawn into the media agenda and to defer to the authority of sheer evil.

But the personal consequences of being a victim of this kind of thing are extremely severe - it feels like having a target painted on your chest, because it is treated as such.


On the other side of the coin is the way in which gross acts of violent riot and terrorism are incrementally and purposively re-framed by the media when the perpetrators are members of Leftist-approved groups.

Atrocities may have been witnessed, even recorded, by tens, hundreds, even thousands of witnesses - and the identity of the aggressors and killers is beyond question; yet - in a travesty and misunderstanding of justice - the perpetrators identities and identifying features are shielded, narratives are carefully re-framed, reports are of those vaguely 'arrested for', 'charged with', 'alleged' and 'accused' (as if there was any reasonable doubt!) - and stories emerge of the perpetrators real or alleged hardships, their supposed difficulties, their asserted kindnesses, their idealism, the fact that their guilt is denied by their families... and so on.


(The fact is that these are robbers, arsonists, muggers, killers - that is known; the only uncertainties related to whether the legal system will find them guilty. e.g. They are not alleged to be killers - they did kill, and they are the people who killed - whatever conclusion the legal system may reach about what legal category they fall into.)


Within an extraordinarily brief period, the Left-favoured perpetrators become de facto victims - and invariably victims (to put the matter shortly) of the attitudes, motivations and behaviour of Right Wingers.

No atrocity is so extreme that a couple of weeks of mass media re-framing cannot reverse the public perception of any issue and make anyone into an object of sympathy - literally any issue and any-one.


THIS is what it is to live in a world without God, a world of moral relativism and without a conception of objective truth.

On the one hand the most microscopic, atomic human behaviour - a single sentence perhaps, even a single word or facial expression or gesture; even just a report or unsubstantiated allegation of a sentence or a word - can be exploded into an international scandal which lasts for weeks, months or even years.

Literally nothing is too trivial to become the most important thing in the world - discussed by government officials, highbrow journalists, senior academics and in a million social interactions worldwide.

Literally nothing is too trivial to lead to court cases, fines, deliberate financial ruin, sacking, prison.


While on the other hand, people who certainly have done and are known for sure to have done horrific acts of brutal violence - rape, torture, maiming, murder - can be and are made into oppressed victims; deserving of sympathy; or heroes, fighting for justice; or ordinary decent folk who are being harshly judged for some momentary aberration under stress... or in fact anything the media wants.


The situation as it is NOW is impossible to exaggerate, impossible to parody, beyond Orwell, beyond Kafka.

As a society we have handed over our very souls - the highest evaluations of truth, beauty and moral virtue - to the mass media.

As a society we believe what the media tell us: Oh Yes We Do. Ask the real victims, the victims of PC witch hunts and they will tell you. People believe the media, and they act on those beliefs.


And it is getting worse, and it will keep getting worse, and nothing at all can be done about it - unless or until we repent our social apostasy from transcendental truth, from the reality of the real, from God.

Without that basis, we will get more, and more, and more of the same.


Advance note to prospective commenters - Read My Lips: This is an issue of such triviality that I am not going to discuss it: I refuse to discuss it. Nor will I publish comments discussing it.