Monday, 3 February 2014

In my spam filter (un-opened): Life is short. Have an Affair


At first I thought, for the millionth time, what a sordid world we live in where internet usage forces such things - and worse - upon us, every day and many times per day.

And then I recognized that 'Life is short. Have an Affair' is actually the sub-text of innumerable mass mainstream novels, magazine articles, news reports, TV soaps and movies - and has been all of my life.

And then I realized how difficult it has become for people to have a solid and lasting marriage under this relentless propaganda and encouragement to evil (with sin portrayed positively; as intelligent, natural, enlightened, self-enhancing behaviour).

And then I remembered that it has actually become illegal and punishable for anyone in Britain straightforwardly to advocate the protection and strengthening of marriage and families.


So - this is the modern world: a place where it is okay to advocate 'having an affair' at every level from sleazy spam e-mails on upwards; from all varieties of the Mass Media 24/7, and to the pinnacle of contemporary art, politics and social research.

But a world where to oppose this is strictly and explicitly against the rules of 'decent' society, and subject to harsh sanctions.

All of which is not some extreme extrapolation of present trends, some dystopian fantasy - but just how we live, here and now.