Monday, 17 February 2014

On 'giving the benefit of the doubt'


Giving the benefit of the doubt to someone, or some organization, often seems to entail pretending you believe things you actually believe are lies...

Pretending that people you actually believe to be lairs are instead truthful...

And, pretending that ideas and policies you actually believe to be of evil intent may actually be benign.


For reasons of expediency this kind of stuff is at least understandable - although surely not admirable: surely indeed a self-corrupting thing to do.

So why is convoluted dishonesty with oneself and others so often considered to be a Good and Christian thing to do?


When you believe that what you are being fed are lies and evil - why pretend otherwise?

Why pretend that 'otherwise' is nice; why pretend that being dishonestly-nice about what we believe to be lies and evil is characteristic of being a Christian?

Now that really is hypocritical.