Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Is Scott Locklin a reincarnation of the guru Gurdjieff?


     George Gurdjieff (1866-1949)            My penfriend, Scott Locklin

Dubiously-inspired spiritual psychopath

Note: I have modified the spelling of "Gurdjieff" in the original post - I had been using the name as given me by a fifth-degree Siberian Squirrel Shaman; which I received during a particularly arduous and torturous spiritual journey - but it turns out he was an erratic speller...


  1. Perhaps significantly - or perhaps not - the most popular Google prompt for Scott Locklin is "is an idiot".

    I checked out my own primary Google prompt - for a long time it was "sacked"

    but today it seems to be "Mormon" - which is flattering for me; but must surely be irritating to real, baptised, active LDS members.

  2. And now, thanks to you, a picture of Gurdjieff is now on the first page of Google Image Search results for "Scott Locklin."

  3. @Wm - Yes, a damning indictment of the inability of computers to detect humour - perhaps especially not of this whimsical English variety.

    Clearly this post was not adequately 'labelled' as a joke - to clarify, I read and comment at Scott's blog and we fairly often exchange e-mails. He is sufficiently robust and ironic to enjoy this sort of pointless nonsense.

  4. The rollicking prose at Takimag keeps me going back for more. Just as I keep coming back here for something.

    Prose stylists who get sacked from other publications seem to congregate there.

    Takimag is probably a good example of "dynamic sorting of readers" by their ability to tolerate offensive ideas and/or presentation.

    Locklin really sparkles at his best--as do many of the Taki contributors (Takiteers?).

  5. The old Private Eye trick of switching the names...("Are they by any chance related?")

    I always assumed that picture that accompanied Locklin's articles in Takimag was an old photo he dragged out of somewhere, but apparently it is himself.