Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Christian aspirations - micro-living


The previous posting about Christian theocracy highlights how vanishingly-unlikely such a thing is - which means that therefore Christians will continue for the present to inhabit a secular Leftist society, until it collapses  - which it inevitably shall, from whatever combination of suicide and self-loathing and assisted or passively-accepted take-over by whatever (non-Christian) group that is able to muster the will and organization.

(With, no doubt, Christians being blamed for the collapse. Christians are at the bottom of the pecking order in the blame game. Leftists blame Christians for everything bad that happened in the past and for opposing the sexual revolution in the present. Secular neo-reactionaries and Dark Enlightenment types blame Christianity for Leftism.)

But, here and now, how can a Christian live in a society where bad is labelled as good; where ungliness is promoted as art, as beautiful; where virtue is vilified as evil; where hatred is regarded as tolerance; where gross lying, spin and falsehoods are mandatory beliefs and there are severe punishments for speaking or writing truths?

How can a Christian live? Only in some kind of micro-life - only in some kind of internal exile - only by a profound psychological detachment from the mainstream - only be accepting powerlessness and low status; because the price of power and status is active and frequent endorsement of lies, ugliness and vice.

Christianity is now counter-cultural; and like all real counter-cultures, that means it is small, weak, precarious - and appears dumb, crazy or wicked to the mass majority culture.

To dwell, mentally and physically, inside such a culture is an exercise in micro-living.