Monday, 5 January 2015

Suggested music for Lord of the Rings free peoples

Hobbits: South of England folk music, including Morris dances.

Men of Rohan - The Border Ballads from the Scottish English border, bagpipes.

Men of Gondor - Roman Catholic unaccompanied choral music - e.g. Palestrina, Victoria etc.

Elves of Rivendell - Welsh folk music, harp etc.

Elves of Lothlorien - Byzantine chant (Greek Orthodox tradition)

Ents - Russian Orthodox choral music (featuring Basso Profundo)

Dwarves - Hmm. Something that suitable to be sung by deep, gravelly tuneless voices; perhaps simple chanting alternating between two notes of a minor third (rather like a police siren) perhaps?...


Some Hobbits doing a Morris dance with clubs: