Saturday, 11 April 2015

Love is not a virtue - Love is the primary principle of reality

We grossly misapprehend and underestimate Love if we regard it as a virtue akin to Faith, Hope and the 'seven virtues'; we trivialize Love to regard it as an emotion (transient, labile, subjective).

Such views are simply inaccurate; because Love is the primary principle of reality: the structuring principle of the universe as we know it.

What this means is that our God is a God of Love - Love is his primary character, motivation, guiding principle - it is because of God's Love that Men were created.

Love is the reality - and everyone who has ever lived inhabits this universe of Love.

What people happen to feel about things is neither here nor there; all virtues are harmonized by love - and indeed the transcendental Goods of truth, beauty and virtue are harmonized by Love, and only by Love.


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Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from TD - "Of course, this Love that structures reality should not be confused as the progenitor to the "guiding principle" of the radical liberationist asserting his "right" to "love" (...) whomever one pleases. Such a "guiding principle" is actually a call to war against God and all other men."