Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Motivation Deficit - The Motivation Triad: Survival, Family, Religion


It can be argued that Demotivation is the primary pathology of modernity. The reason is obvious - modern society has severely-weakened or abolished at least three of the primary motivations of Mankind:

1. Survival
2. Family
3. Religion

Such that many, probably most, of those engaged in modern public discourse are operating in a context where biological survival is taken for granted, family is actively-rejected, and serious religion is regarded as nonsense (evil nonsense when practised by native anti-Leftists, quaint nonsense when practised by 'minorities').


Over the past couple of hundred years, people often thought and wrote that these motivators could (and should) be dispensed with, and that they could (and should) be replaced by other and supposedly-better motivations - (e.g. spirituality, fluid friendship, Leftist politics).

However, fifty years of experience shows that the replacements are just too feak and weeble to do the job, and the outcome is a massive motivation deficit.  


So, modern Man is reduced to trying to get-by on a very enfeebled and impoverished set of motivations - e.g. seeking comfort, stimulation, sex, status; avoiding suffering, pain, social-rejection...

But The Big Three motivations are either absent or weakened to the point of ineffectuality.

Small wonder that modern Man is alienated, nihilistic; lacks courage and honesty; and has become self-hating and strategically-suicidal.


There are plenty of Good Ideas, or at least sensible and practical ideas, floating-around in the mass media - especially old books; but no motivation actually to do them - therefore they are not done, and they will not be done; unless or until Men are again sufficiently motivated.

And Men will not be significantly remotivated until at least some of that triad of Survival, Family and Religion are restored and strengthened.

And this restoration and strengthening will happen sooner or later, because there is no remedy for demotivation and no way of compensating for demotivation - it is a single and sufficient cause of extinction.

So, selection mechanisms will ensure that the demotivated will be replaced by the motivated (specifically, the motivated who can transmit their motivation to the next generation).

A demotivated society will - inevitably, from internal causes - waste all its inherited advantages - dissipate all its strengths, attack all its virtues, fail to defend and renew itself - no matter how great are those advantages.

The motivated shall inherit the earth. But, what kind of earth they inherit will depend on the nature of their motivations.



Jason said...

This is very true. Life in the modern west is especially demotivating for a (white) man. With the aggressive emasculation and promotion of mass androgyny, along with the most legal power being held by women, I find it hard to be motivated to do anything at all. I have little desire to work, pursue a vocation, or contribute to wider society, knowing that my contributions will go to fuel a social order which despises my very existence.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jason - Indeed, but those are (in general) secondary motivations.

Modern men can become religious, marry and raise families.

ted said...

The left has removed all polarities that is part of our substance-in-relation. Hence the dynamism of culture gets diffused to the point where we all become non-judgmental uncommitted epicureans.

as said...

What are some of these old books with good ideas?

Bruce Charlton said...

@as - It is impossible helpfully to answer such a general query; it all depends on what *you* need *now*; and what you are able to appreciate.

as said...

If people today have family, they probably do not have extended family, roots in a place, or a community (based on extended family, roots, religion).

as said...

It is impossible helpfully to answer such a general query; it all depends on what *you* need *now*; and what you are able to appreciate.

Where do you go to find a good husband or wife in a modern society?

My extended family network is limited. I have to consider total strangers on internet sites for marriage.

Nicholas Fulford said...

Survival - strongly motivating, even in the most horrible of conditions many are strongly motivated to survive.

Family - Having those to whom one is very closely attached with obligations and responsibilities is also strongly motivating. (Family and survival are related unless the family is toxic. This is born out by statistics with regard to mortality and morbidity with regard to being single/alone and connected to a spouse.)

Religion/Ideology - a higher set of values encourages people to step up. It can motivate a person to endure and overcome, whereas a person without that may throw in the towel. A lack of purpose certainly is demotivating, and religion and ideology can provide purpose. I also expect that Primary Religious Experiences (ecstatic states) are also very motivating when they lead to optimism and desire to live a meaningful life.

Bruce Charlton said...

@as - If you are not a Christian, become one. Work at it. Join a serious church, participate, learn, practice. Serious churches are the best places to find a good spouse.

@NF - I am currently re-reading Abraham Maslow, who certainly agrees that ecstatic states/ peak experiences are part of high level motivation.