Saturday, 2 April 2016

Dissatisfaction with critique, zombified leaders, and awakening real people

I keep doing it myself and I wish I wouldn´t - critique on the basis of observations and assumptions shared by the mainstream world - trying to persuade leaders to reconsider and reform...

The place we want to be, the thins that need doing, include the recognition of the unseen world, adoption of a different metaphysical basis for life, and of course repentance -- any wise policies and good results lie on the other side of repentance.

Where to start? What to aim at?

An opening of the eyes to see the world afresh - that is what is wanted, and that can happen, has happened to plenty of people. But is this a going back? I have thought so, now I think not. It isn´t that we cannot go back, so much as that we do not really want to - not really... at any rate we do not want it enough for it to happen.

We must repent and go forward, then - and into unknown territory.

The thing it, we don´t know much about things at the large scale, we don´t even seem to know the basics - therefore we must proceed in ways that cannot be derived from or argued for using existing secular public discourse. The forces at work are essentially imperceptible, insofar as our normal perceptions are concerned.

Culturally, we are self-zombified. We see, touch, hear, taste, smell - but are dead inside.

And the leaders are the worst. Have you ever looked into the eyes of the elite leadership class? Or people in the mass media? There is nothing behind them. It is not that they are shielded, but that they open onto nothing.

There is something terribly wrong. Are they even human? At any rate there is no point in trying to change them, argue with them, reform them, bring them to a new life and repentance... We will simply be sucked into that void behind their eyes...

We need to be awakeners; and awakening does not proceed by normal means. Indeed, we have no idea how to do it, or how to measure whether it has been done - at least not by publicly agreed and verifiable means.

Therefore, what we need to do is not impossible, nor is it easy - rather, the chances of success are incalculable. We just need to do it.

Do what? Are you asking for general advice, asking for a plan? That would be a mistake. Even if you were given a plan you would not follow it and neither would anybody else.

The proper question needs to be about yourself and what you personally need to do, and I can´t tell you that - nor can anybody else, because it is significantly unique.