Monday, 4 April 2016

Lessons of the current mass migration into The West

1. Continuation of the current type of mass immigration into Western nations will certainly and rapidly destroy Western civilization.

2. This is so clear and so obvious that we must assume that everybody knows it for a solid fact. To quibble, debate, or ask for 'evidence' is merely acquiescence to distraction from reality.

3. Mass immigration is the consequence of spiritual despair and self-hatred among Western populations and especially their elite leadership.

4. Given the nihilistic nature of mainstream modern secular ideology, spiritual despair and self-hatred is a rational response - indeed, it is the only rational response.

5. Therefore, The West cannot and will not be prevented from destroying itelf - whether by mass immigration, sub-fertility or by some other means - while it holds to the modern secular ideology.

6. Therefore, the West will destroy itself, because (at a profound spiritual level) The West believes it ought to be destroyed; unless (before this happens) the West experiences a mass spiritual awakening of sufficient power and suitable nature to cure its deadly despair.