Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sky-watching and 'UFOs'

I am a sky-watcher - by inclination and trained habit. But few people are - and hardly anybody notices what is going-on in the sky.

Earlier this year I saw the most remarkable skies of my life:

But very few other local people noticed this gorgeous display - they were walking with heads down (on their mobile phones, mostly) - trudging or rushing to work.

Most evenings (weather permitting) I spend some time outside looking at the sky. Despite the appalling viewing conditions of light pollution from living in the middle of a big city, and the horizons obscured by buildings, I have seen some remarkable things - and sometimes these are inexplicable and I could find no other reports of them.

A couple of years ago I saw what may have been a 'fireball' (a type of meteorite) - a red, apparently burning, red ball going parallel to the horizon from right to left, making a roaring noise, and lasting several seconds - maybe ten? This was extremely obvious and amazing, but apparently nobody else noticed of found it worth commenting about.

A couple of days ago I took my wife outside to see the 'summer triangle' made by the stars Deneb, Altair and Vega - but we were distracted by 'searchlight' patterns crossing the sky - which we could make no sense of, since they had multiple origins. The effect was very strange, but again I could not identify it and heard nothing more.

My sense is that modern people do not look at the skies, perhaps even avoid looking at the skies, and are incurious about what they may see there. All kinds of remarkable things may be happening - including the 'normal' beauties such as the moon, Venus, the constellations - on display up there - of which modern people are utterly unaware.

And for someone who believes in an animated universe, it all means something - even if we aren't able to summarise or articulate that meaning...