Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The corruptions of social expediency; or, How much of Christianity can we discover for ourselves?

One of the (many) valuable aspects of living in this time, this era, is that clarity is forced-upon-us.

Complexity is stripped-away, things become stark, the path is seen to be two-forked, the choices are bimodal - and the answers are clear, simple and intuitively graspable by a single unambiguous mental act.

To put it another way; the great difficulty in life is asking the right question - because once you have asked the right question, the right answer is lucid (even though we may well reject it). The increasing corruption and dishonesty and sheer-evil of Modern life has a way of forcing us into a corner, until we have little choice but to ask the right question.

Since our world was made, and we arrived in it, as a consequence of a creator who is a loving Heavenly Father; then we can be sure (indeed we must be sure: that is 'faith') that our personal situation is always sufficient for our primary needs. For example, it may (or may not) be forcing us to ask the right question - when we are trying to evade that question.

I was an atheist most of my life, and looking-back I can see that my Real Self always understood correctly the nature of things; but that I was able to reject this deep understanding for reasons such as social inexpediency, or that it did not conform with the materialist metaphysics which I accepted. Consequently, I put a great deal of effort into suppressing my Real Self.

Or, to put it differently - I knew what I should do; but without becoming a Christian I could not justify it to myself, or to other people. I became a Christian (at least initially, tho' not now) so that I could justify my primary intuitions.

But that means that Christianity was already within me. I was, in fact, (wrongly) adopting a kind of expediency, a kind of Marxist/ Leftist attitude, in which my beliefs were being controlled by the publicly-viable mechanisms by which my beliefs could be 'justified', by which I could argue them - the sociological tail was wagging the intuitive dog...

This is another of the things which modern conditions will strip-out-of-us. As the world becomes worse - worse metaphysically, that is worse in terms of the fundamental assumptions of public life and discourse being inverted (including the churches, and the interpretations of tradition, scripture, reason)... then we will be forced into a confrontation of the intuitions of our True Self and... Everything Else... The World.

When we recognise the deceptive futility of trying to communicate with and persuade A World which has blocked its ears and drowned itself in distractions; then we can finally see things clearly. And, if we choose right, we will discover that we have within us everything that we-personally need: we have everything necessary within each of us - including, especially, the Christ.  

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