Thursday, 7 September 2017

What is the purpose of totalitarianism?

We live in an increasingly totalitarian world, and one in which totalitarianism is escalating rapidly via a single, increasingly global and interlinked, bureaucratic system of monitoring, control, enforcement.

The purpose of totalitarianism - that is, of intended thought-control, is to ingrain and enforce habits of passive, superficial and 'information-processing' thinking - which will crowd-out, monopolise the interpretation of all perceptions; and to have all thinking driven-by perceptions.

Thus, ideally, the mass of people would never think from their real, divine selves.

Hence people would never think true, beautiful or virtuous thoughts.

We could (and would) then be fed only with perceptions and concepts that are virtual, fake and manipulative.

Once the situation is in-place (embraced by the masses as the only sure way that people can be prevented from the sins against Leftism, the only sure way that all people will be guaranteed happiness - or at least pleasure, or at least freedom from suffering...)... then the Good can be destroyed in our thoughts; we can be induced actively to will our own spiritual damnation.

When thought is monitored, controlled, enforced - people need never become aware of God the creator; nor even of God within-us.

(In such a world, deeply-ironically, the only entities who would be aware of the reality of God and The Good would be the ruling demonic powers, who work against them.) 

(The above description is of the intention of the totalitarian world. The extent to which it is fully achievable is doubtful - given that God may act to ensure that a choice is presented to each individual, sooner or later, during mortal life or after. However, the demonic powers can and do ingrain evil metaphysics and habits, which would presumably tend to make the free choice of damnation more likely.)


Jane Wrigg said...

“Thus, ideally, the mass of people would never think from their real, divine selves.”

I don’t think that they can. When did the masses ever think for themselves? In the past, were they not told what to think by the church, and simply accepted it? Were they not discouraged from primary thinking? Don’t mistake me, I am all for primary thinking, but in fact some of the things that you have said on this site, which have come from your primary thinking would have led to the stake.

From the point of view of daily living, the masses of the past were probably unsure of where their food, clothing and shelter were coming from to have much time for primary thinking. I don’t think hunger and cold allows humanity to take its collective nose out of the gutter. It is some degree of comfort that allows time to have “true, beautiful or virtuous thoughts.”

I can walk out of my house, into the sun, and down the country lanes (Yorkshire Dales), and perceive a reality that seems to transcend the mundane, but I am seeing nature in the way Wordsworth taught. Coleridge taught a different lesson of chthonian nature, that I think the masses of the past would have recognised. The same rural scene that I witness as remarkable evidence of God’s wonder, might have seemed very different to an unhealthy Saxon serf ploughing the terraces around Hawes whilst daylight reined.

I think that what is different now is that the masses do have enough time to engage in primary thinking, which is the worry for the demonic powers, so their answer is throw bread and circuses at them to encourage superficial approved perceptions which pass for thought. Don’t allow them time to think.

Intelligence, comfort, and time allow for primary thinking, things the masses have lacked historically. They still lack the first, and the demonic powers ensure that they use up the third in frivolity and material wish fulfilment by actively promoting the second. Lack any one of the three, or have them way out of balance as is now the case, and I see very little hope that would persuade me that the masses could ever “do” primary thinking.

Now when it comes to feeling, that I think the masses can do, in fact it is what they do best. The demonic powers know this well, hence the bread and circuses. Fill their heads with pretty fluff, ersatz beauty instead of God’s beauty, that’s the way to keep power. Don’t let them have any true feelings.

Intelligence is the key component for primary thinking – lack it, and you are not going to be able to do it. It is always only going to be for the few. For the masses then, feeling is their way to access the divine. I think this must be accepted. Some way must be found to energise good and true feeling, feeling that transcends the everyday “reality”. The church did it in the past with glorious gothic, the 21st century must find its own “gothic”. I hope and pray that the forces for good will lead us to whatever that will be in time. Whatever the way forward, I think that it must be noble, giving, and loving, and not centre on self.

The masses would hear and respond to such a call if it was blown loudly and insistently on Queen Susan’s horn. But first, we must find the cause, and then we must find the horn. Do both, and the demonic seal placed over the gateway to right feeling for the masses would be shattered.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JW - My understanding (from Barfield, and Steiner) is that since the Romantic era (late 1700s) there has been a change in human consciousness; what was appropriate in the past is no longer. The message of this blog for a while has been that we cannot stay where we are and cannot move back - but need to move forward to what Steiner calls the Imaginative Soul and Barfield calls Final Participation. This is what we need to do, here-and-now.