Friday, 23 February 2018

Do you want to become spiritually awoken? Then stop waiting for someone to do-it-to-you!

Thought is free - real thought of the real self is utterly free and true. We can know what we need to know directly and unmediated, and such knowledge is of universal and permanent effect. This is precisely what the demonic powers need to ignore, confuse and deny. The individual awakening to reality - that is the unit of awakening. The only mass awakening can be a mass of individuals - but nobody and nothing can make this happen. It can only happen by a multitude of individual decisions - decisions made in full consciousness and explicitly. Thus nothing can cause an awakening; and, although awakening can be made difficult, nothing can prevent it. The next step is up-to each and every one of us; and the sooner we stop looking to someone or something else to do it to us - the faster it can happen. 

From Albion Awakening