Saturday, 3 February 2018

The despair-inducing futility of mainstream (secular) politics: Right and Left

As a thought experiment; just suppose that both the Left and Right wing parties parties (or Nationalists, Greens, or Libertarians, or whatever you like) were honest and effective - and that which ever you prefer would actually deliver Exactly what they promise...

So what?

If the Left delivered a society which 100% promoted, supported, subsidised and sustained women, non-natives, people of any sexuality or sex than the biological, any social arrangement of humans other than (Christian) marriage and the family; And introduced total economic equality, And proportionate quotas in all jobs without exception and all the rest... So what?

Is there anybody who really believes that this would make life good enough? What would all this be for? What would it accomplish? Having this - what would be the meaning and purpose of a human life?

The answer - a perfect future Leftist utopia would be not one whit nor molecule better than life at present. Qualitatively, it would be identical. All the main and deepest problems of Life would remain unaddressed.

Or, on the Right, if they secured the borders and delivered near-zero immigration, restored the primacy of national culture, made the economy efficient and functional and so on - all that would have happened is to restore (more of less) the situation of a few decades ago...

Was life then (pick a date) good enough? Or was there, then, on the contrary, colossal levels of social and individual discontent?

Politics is a fraud - plain and simple. Not just because the system has zero intention of delivering what it promises; but mainly because what politics discusses and promises is not what we need or want - not what would make any substantive difference if we had it.

The triumph of politics, over the past 200 years, has been to make itself the centre of most people's lives, most of the time. For almost-everybody in the West, politics is primary. Politics is what people regard as the bottom-line - and morality, religion, and everything else have to be fitted-into the primacy of politics.

All large and powerful institutions are primarily political, and so is almost any individual person you will meet. They care about politics more than anything else. Especially, their hatreds are politically directed. They are political beings.

What a stupid, irrelevant, destructive, evil state of affairs!

Indeed - it is precisely evil - this is the product of evil.

The only answer is to set aside politics, step-aside-from politics - restore what really matters to the heart of life: but really do this, deep down, bottom line; in a way that is currently very unusual indeed; indeed hardly ever encountered in the West, here and now.