Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Sheer, blind craziness and murderous evil: factual implications of demography

 The obscene vision that is Germany's population structure

 The nemesis that is Nigeria's population (note the numbers on the horizontal axis, five-fold larger than Germany)

We of The West live in societies that are much older than any that have existed in the history of our species; and getting older by every passing year. The cause is that all atheist societies without any exceptions are always grossly subfertile; as well as pessimistic, despairing and functionally suicidal in their attitudes, behaviours and policies (to the point of denying the facts of their own actually existing situation).

From Infogalactic, a sample of Median Ages for nations:

Germany - 46
Japan - 46
Italy - 45
Finland - 43
Canada - 42
UK - 41
France - 41
Russia - 39
Australia 38
US - 38
China - 37
Brazil - 31
Turkey - 30
Indonesia - 29
Iran - 28
India - 27
Egypt - 25
Bangladesh - 24
Kenya - 19
Nigeria - 18
DR Congo - 18
Afghanistan - 18
Somalia - 18
Ethiopia - 18
South Sudan - 17
Uganda - 16

To see the significance of these numbers, see the population sizes bearing in mind that the youngest countries will have grown and the native populations of the oldest countries will have shrunk since 2010. 

The crude numbers are very bad indeed - but underestimate the problem, firstly because things are still getting worse and secondly because they are distorted by the presence of massive and increasing numbers of much younger recent arrivals of migrants and immigrants in The West (for example, in the UK an excess of 10 million - about 15% of the population? (not accurately measured by our 'government') - has been replaced in the past couple of decades - at a rate of between 0.5-1% p/a).

The dupes and demons who govern us say that these recent arrivals are necessary for our future survival - but clearly this is false, since (obviously) a large majority never do productive work and are indeed a colossal resource drain; but mainly because they have zero interest (quite the reverse) in supporting the aged natives.

The extremes occur because-of the developed world; since development is associated both with population decline in The West and population growth in the third world. e.g. Population growth in Africa is wholly-dependent on decades of Western medicine and 'aid'. Until the past few generations, sub-Saharan Africa was thinly populated due to its level of disease. It was essentially hostile to human survival. Consequently, among disease-survivors, pre-modern Africa had a much higher standard of living per person than pre-modern Europe or Asia.

Sometimes people will speculate, albeit dishonestly, about the economic consequences of these massive and unprecedented extremes of old and young populations. However, the psychological consequences are more fundamental than the effect on the economy. A society in which half the population are in their late forties or older is something new under the sun; and a very different thing from a society when more than half the population are children.

Considering The West; the most important question is how we got here. The simple answer is atheism - the secular society. This demonstrably leads to an existential despair manifest across the board but most objective in sub-replacement fertility (a sign of terminal environmental stress in captive animals).

The second most important question concerns the implications of being so very, very old; of having so grossly distorted a 'population pyramid'.

If our Western populations contained the historically-usual proportion of youth and vigour, perhaps sheer biological self-interest would provide sufficient drive to do something about our desperate situation. But the massive, inertial, top-heaviness of our disaffected, despairing, secularised, materialistic, burnt-out hedonistic elderly population has paralysed us.

However, as a society we don't just do 'nothing' - instead, we actively work to hide the truth and make matters worse even more rapidly

When you start thinking about this, and assuming your head does not explode, you will soon realise that (spiritual questions aside, which underpin all-the-above) demography is the single most important material fact of the world today.

The fact that this fact is merely ignored or lied-about, is evidence of a degree of mental malaise that amounts to insanity. And this is not really a matter of opinion. So that insanity is the single most important material fact of our world: sheer, blind craziness.

Unless the single most important fact is that this whole subject is made taboo, with severe sanctions for broaching it. That goes beyond insanity into the realms of murderous evil.

So, the most important spiritual fact is that we in The West are ruled by purposive, deliberate, strategic evil

Happy New Year!