Saturday 29 June 2019

The System versus Creation

Things are coming to a point; getting very simple; we have a single clear, dichotomous choice in Life.

The two sides in the spiritual war are God's Creation (universal and eternal) - and on the other side The System of this world; the demonically-managed, global, totalitarian bureaucratic-media complex.

There used to be other 'options' in the sense of worldly things that were Not in the System - some jobs, aspects of culture, some pastimes, some clubs etc... but these are being incrementally eliminated.

In this world (to a greatening extent) there is just The System.

The thing is; now there are no nuances. Choosing one political party rather than another does not matter: both are The System; and The System includes All the major, or large, or powerful social institutions and corporations - is assimilating the medium-sized, and moving towards the smallest.

We must and will choose between Creation and System - if we have not already done so. Nearly everybody, so far, has chosen The System; and there is less and less space in this world for those who choose Creation.


Jared said...

My own personal belief is that while there are some aspects of totalitarian control that are unique to these last days, it's kind of par for the course for this earth life that we would face limiting constraints that are in some ways debilitating of righteousness.
For example, when John the Baptist was sent to earth his father Zecharias was murdered in the temple by the Jewish leadership. And Jesus had to do his ministry as not within the structure of the then existing Jewish church and he was under attack for his life quite a bit.
But there is a balance that allows us to accomplish what we need to accomplish. Sometimes it is something amazing under dire circumstances like Solzhenitsyn being able to memorize and create a whole book exposing communism. Other times there are miracles that allow us to function and make a livelihood for our families in these hard times.
Of course I am saying this from the perspective I have living in the United States. I am personally aware that people face tough problems like you have mentioned in this post.
I think that as long as we should work for our financial livelihood within the social sphere that exists, God will prepare a way. Certainly there is evidence that the last days prophecies are true and probably beginning (or more than just beginning) to be fulfilled.
I am reminded of Jacob in the Book of Mormon who said their lives passed away like as in a dream, wanderers in a strange land.
I do agree that the litmus tests for whether people are suggesting a path that is compatible with following God and whether they are suggesting a path that follows the world and the devil is becoming easier to discern, very clear. I am glad you underlined that fact.
I think the wheat and the tares may grow together for some time longer though.

Bruce Charlton said...

@J - "I think the wheat and the tares may grow together for some time longer though." I guess so, because the dark side is winning, and there is therefore good reason for Them to maintain the current situation.