Thursday 1 August 2019

Sexual immorality and Christianity

It may be worth restating yesterday's argument in the opposite direction, by explaining how sexual im-morality goes against Christian salvation.

To recapitulate very briefly; I am Not using the traditional argument that sexual behaviour is immoral when (and because) it transgresses a Christian code of behaviours. Ultimately (and despite whatever pragmatic or expedient necessity) all such codes (or laws) are a verbal summary; with all the intrinsic limitations of such.

I am here trying to explain the wrongness of sexual immortality in terms of the ultimate reality of-which all possible codes are a summary.

The argument starts with assumptions of the nature of Heaven; and of the resurrected life in that context. My assumption is that the  life - after mortal death - is one of creative activity in a context of loving families.

Therefore sexual immorality on earth is that which expresses and/or trains-us-in behaviours hostile to our desire for Heaven.

The Heavenly life Jesus made available for us is to be had for-the-wanting (by 'following' Him) - therefore the problem is in the wanting.

If we don't want Heaven, we won't have it - and some forms of life and behaviours are hostile to our wanting Heaven.

For example promiscuity. A person who wants to have multiple, short-term, pleasure-orientated sexual relationships with many people does not want the life of Heaven; because Heaven is not like that.

Instead Heaven is a place of eternal faithfulness. You can work-through other examples for yourself.

It is really quite simple. If your chosen and approved life on earth is one that goes-against the life of Heaven, if your personal commitment is to forms of sexuality that are Not a part of Heavenly life; then, when it comes to the eternal choice of life after mortal-death, you will (at least very probably) reject Heaven.

You will not want what Heaven actually is.

Note: of course this whole argument depends upon one's conception of the nature of Heaven; on what one believes Heaven Really-Is-Like. Therefore, it becomes of prime importance to know this. If you don't currently know, with the inner confidence of direct and personal knowing (divine revelation  and intuitive experience), then I suggest learning about the nature of Heaven should become your priority in life.

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