Friday 9 August 2019

William Arkle's audio lecture is back online

Some will not yet have heard the surviving lecture and Q&A session by William Arkle - Discovering your soul's purpose - given in (I think) Yeovil, Somerset around 1990, when Arkle was in his middle sixties.

This was delivered to the Wessex Research Group, which began in the 1980s as a New Age 'coalition'; as part of which lectures from many speakers were organised, recorded and later made available free online.

The founders of the WRG were upper-class esoteric Christians such as Sir George Trevelyan, Canon Harold Blair and his son Nigel (who is usually present at the recordings); but their selection of speakers includes a much wider range of not-necessarily-Christian themes: Channelling, UFOs, Crop Circles, Atlantis, Ley Lines, Alternative Healing, Perennial (Eastern flavoured) Philosophy etc...

Their old website has been down for a year or so, and therefore Arkle's lecture was temporarily unavailable - but now a new website is emerging, and the lecture has just come back online.

I find this glimpse of Arkle's 'style' very valuable in many ways, and recommend it.

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Jonathan said...

It took me a little tinkering to figure out how to download the audio file (rather than just stream it). It turns out the URL for the lecture is