Wednesday 1 January 2020

Some generic self-reminders for the Apocalyptic year ahead

It is important to seek Final Participation - living in conscious and chosen awareness of the world as consisting of Beings - who are alive, conscious, motivated...

And yet to keep in mind that this mortal life is one of change; so what is sought is not a permanence (that being mortally impossible) but is primarily for learning. Life is primarily for learning not achieving. Learning from experience.

But while any experience may be learned-from; some experiences reduce further capacity for learning, while other choices increase them - so some choices are better than others.

What choices? My actual life is what I should learn from.

Further - learning is a spiritual and permanent transformation of my eternal spirit...

When we have learned, we move on to new and different experiences: the lessons and lectures that creation (God's loving creation) teaches us.

The Apocalypse is here, we are in it already and have been for a while. First step is to recognise the fact. We live in a materialist world where spirit is denied, mocked, suppressed. An inverted world where the material is declared to be the spirit.

Yet without the spirit we will not just die, but will turn upon ourselves, kill ourselves - and that is happening. Value-inversion is rife.

Why else the abolition of sexuality, marriage and family?  Medicine as a cult of disease, impairment and death? Over all: the ratcheting global totalitarian bureaucracy: The System - calling itself freedom and hope.

Materialism is death, self-willed self-death; we must have the spirit - the spirit of Jesus, the Holy Ghost - and recognition of universal aliveness, and Being-ness.

We need to live 2020 in the light of our knowledge and love of the Good Shepherd; and that he (and only he, albeit vitally helped by others who love us and whom we love) will lead us (if we choose to follow) through biological death to resurrected life eternal in Heaven.

There to live in love, and participate in divine creation.

(That is what I want - how about you?)

That is the true perspective of our specific lives, here and now, today, this moment; as moving towards Heaven.

Far from being a materialistic world, this is a world in which such a spiritual knowledge - and the objectivity of love - is the prime reality into-which all material and mundane matters require to be fitted.

The Apocalypse is spiritual.


Nathaniel said...

I was thinking the Apocalyptic scenario would mean things become more material comfortable (which I think it will be, as this seems necessary to help "wake people up") - and of course fearful of this as we all dread physical pain - but it seems clear that it must be more spiritually dangerous than anything.

The agenda of evil will require you to accept something most obviously wrong and evil, an obvious inversion of good (the Anti-Christ) and this will be a point where as Jesus said He will be a point of division among families, friends, neighbors and nations.

Gary said...

In light of what has transpired in 2020 so far (and by all accounts will ramp up considerably in the following months), this post should be pinned to the left-hand sidebar as a constant and consistent reminder to all of us who care.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary. It's been interesting to reread. I still agree with it, despite what has happened since (ie. the world turned upside down)- which goes to show that nothing fundamental has changed.